Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Redding City Council OPPOSES new Redding Rancheria Casino

If only the reason was because the Redding Rancheria violated the civil and human rights of the family of the tribe's first chairman after the tribe was restored, Robert Foreman.   If they cheat their OWN PEOPLE, we can believe they will cheat their customers and the city/county.

The Redding City Council unanimously voted on Monday evening in a special meeting to send a formal letter stating their concerns and expressing opposition about the proposed location for the Win River Expansion Project.
The motion for a formal letter was made by Mayor Julie Winter to have two city council members write the letter and review it with city staff before bringing it back to the full council for a final review before sending it to the Redding Rancheria and the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) who will be the ones deciding if the project moves forward. The two council members drafting the formal letter are Erin Resnor, Mayor Pro Tempore and Michael Dacquisto.
Despite many that supported, a significant amount of people also spoke against the expansion project for reasons including traffic concerns, environmental concerns, no benefit for the city, higher volume of calls for emergency services, taking away from local businesses in Redding - among other things.

The council has expressed concern in the past for the proposed event center and amphitheater the casino wants to build in the new project which would be only slightly smaller than the Redding Civic Auditorium.
The council has also previously expressed concern that the proposed sporting goods retailer would cause a decrease in sales in similar stores in Redding, which could close them.
"We have a lot of questions about the way this project would alter the landscape of Redding, how it would impact traffic, how it would impact our neighborhoods and really impact the future of the community," said Robb Korinke, a member of the group Speak Up Shasta that opposes the Win River Expansion Project.
In addition, Mayor Julie Winter said that while she isn't necessarily against the expansion of the casino in general, she doesn't support the proposed location in the strawberry fields next to I-5 just south of Redding in the Churn Creek Bottom area.

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