Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Washington State's NOOKSACK TRIBE Persecutes Disenrolled While DOJ Ignores UPDATED

Ray Dodge

From the Facebook page of one of the disenrolled Nooksack 306:

On July 30, 2019, at 10 am, I was arrested by "Nooksack Police Department," under false pretense.

"Officer" Daniel Bennett came inside my home without knocking, or without my consent.
I yelled at him, "You are not allowed to be in here. I did not give you consent to be in here."
Bennet said, "I can come in here. We do have the right because there is a warrant out for your arrest! I came in because I saw your daughter all by herself."

They booked me into Whatcom County Jail under "FTA Interference with Parentage". Sadly, even the Jailer Officer, who booked me in at WCJ said, "This is a bogus arrest!"
I replied, " Yes! There are rapist and murderers out there that need to be in here!"
WCJ is no place for a charge of an FTA Interference with Parentage. It is not crime to protect your child.

WCJ was the most horrifying experience I ever went through.

"JUDGE" Ray Dodge abused his power, by intimidation and to bring me to jail because I would not participate in his kangaroo court.

This is unacceptable behavior by the "Nooksack Court", and "Nooksack Police Department".
I ask for your moral support in this time of need. Nooksack 306 & Family: I am serious, when I said, "Let's paint up!"

We must not sit in the background and let every thing around us go to shit. This is crucial time to be active and show that we belong! We need to keep together.

Unfortunately, it happened to Carmen Tageant, & Deborah Alexander, and others. Supporters of the Nooksack 306.

Who will be next?! It will not stop at me, if we do not stand together!

Nooksack 306 attorney Gabe Galanda reports from Twitter:

Galanda Broadman

1/ Pretend Judge Dodge issued the warrant AGAINST ELILE in a case in which SHE sought a protective order against the father of her child.

2/ When Uncle George had me intercede by phone to ask a few questions, the goons refused to identify themselves by name or badge #, and falsely arrested them both, forcibly taking Uncle George to the ground, kneeing him in the groin, handcuffing him, and breaking his eyeglasses.

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All nooksack people. Take your phone out and record police all the time.