Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Pala Band of Mission Indians BLAMES BIG PHARMA For it's TROUBLES?

The Pala Band of Mission Indians, which exterminated Indians via tribal disenrollment, cheated and evicted their own people and whose chairman's daughter was arrested for illegal weapons,  announced the filing of a federal lawsuit Monday against companies who manufacture and distribute opioids.


In a press release, Pala Tribal Chairman Robert Smith, who oversaw the stripping of citizenship of many of his own tribe,  said, “The opioid epidemic has had devastating impacts on our tribe. Big Pharma’s aggressive promotion of OxyContin and other prescription opiates have caused increasing incidences of addiction, disability and family dysfunction.     YEAH, blame it on the drugs
Pala Band officials said they have “experienced direct effects from the opioid epidemic, including the health effects on its members and their families, increased instances of child welfare and foster care cases, homelessness, and crime. The tribe has undertaken various efforts to combat the epidemic, ranging from strategies to combat opioids falling into the hands of youth or those without prescriptions, and community education on opioid dangers and how to address them.”


Reinstatement_Restitution said...

So Big Pharma has moved in on the drug traffic in Pala and Smith's not getting his cut? And even worse now people aren't buying his meth and nitrous. I can see why Denton's convinced him to go after Big Pharma. Probably looking for a settlement in the tens of millions with half for the lawyers and half for Smith.

It is yet another farcical moment in the ongoing saga of the Smith dictatorship. I wonder if Big Pharma will actually fight this suit. It could easily be dismissed just by arguing that illegal drug traffic is the problem not the manufactures, and that the drugs have well established medical uses that are relied upon by physicians in the care of their patients.

We shall see. Smith probably has no way of conceiving how deep the pockets of Big Pharma are. These companies set aside billions in reserve for lawsuits. They have a never ending treasure chest to fund litigation.

Dr Unity said...
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Anonymous said...

This lawsuit is a bunch of BS on the part of Smith and Nieto.
They the two named above are the biggest
threat to the tribal members, not the drugs.
The EC kills more members than any drugs do
in Pala.
So go pound sand up your ass Smith and Nieto.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see Robert Smith try to file a
lawsuit against the company that makes those
Wippets that his daughters use on a daily bases.
I think that one of them is all messed up from those things and is confined to a wheel chair.

Anonymous said...

His mouth is like an bulls asshole,every time he opens it all that comes out of it is a bunch of bullshit.