Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas 14 WITHOUT A TRIBE for Pechanga Descendants of the Hunter and Manuela Miranda Clans

Christmas 2018 marks the 14th Christmas without a tribe for many Pechanga descendants, including young children, well now, not so young...and the newly born will only be able to hear about their heritage in oral history, since the Pechanga tribe erased their history.

Pechanga Flag Flown at
Standing Rock, Upside Down Under Distress

Mark Macarro, Andrew Masiel, Frances Miranda, Bobbi LeMere and the tribal council CAUSED our children and our elders to suffer for their greed and subterfuge.  

It's NEVER too late to open your hearts and for the  council to DO THE RIGHT thing for the Holidays...

Our elders are aging quickly, and sadly, many will walk on without receiving justice.   We must increase our efforts for THEIR sake.

As we move into the New Year, please look inward for what YOU can do to help.   Get on your computers, share letters, comment on news articles, join Twitter, so that you can share our blog posts, and others with those who should be working on our behalf, including our Senators and Congress.

TELL OUR STORIES of abuse and injustice with everyone.  Spread the news of their SHAME and why they shouldn't spend their dollars at some of these tribe's businesses.

One or two is too few...when there are THOUSANDS of us who have been harmed.  ADD YOUR VOICE, ADD YOUR STRENGTH and the strength of our ancestors.   Don't let THEM win, without a struggle.   We have proved that winning is possible, fighting off a theft of our water rights..with just TWO of us going to Washington.    Chukchansi Casino is CLOSED and that story may be #1 for the Fresno Bee. 

Believe me, the powers that be KNOW what is going on.....they just have little political will to do the right thing.  YOU can help give them back their backbone... if you USE YOURS.


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Anonymous said...

As you've written many times, the Casino will also steal from its users. Got an email announcing a "exciting" new Players Club. No more comp dollars, just Club Dollars. Here's the catch: All old comp dollars must be used by January 31st or they will be deleted. Many people have hundreds and thousands of comp dollars which can't be used for play. Only the stores, restaurants, gas station etc...So what happens to all those unused comp dollars that players earned? How is that even legal? And only 30 days warning to use the comp dollars up. Why not transfer the comp dollars into the new Club Dollars program! Because they will probably save millions from the unused comps dollars. CROOKS!!