Wednesday, September 26, 2018

San Pasqual's Jose Juan Descendants STILL AWAITING DECISION in SUIT AGAINST Dept of Interior

Here's the latest on the San Pasqual Lawsuit and the rumors swirling on the reservation.  Best thing to do is JUST WAIT.


San Pasqual - I have received numerous texts, FB messages and phone calls . . . and I KNOW that it is very difficult not to have any news or any answers . . . but please understand this is completely in the hands of Judge Battaglia. Let me put this to you in a different context . . . the San Pasqual Indians are totally unique in California history . . . and our case is one of first impression [meaning, there is no other case in the history of the U.S. that we can look to for any guidance - and that is for a whole other set of reasons]. Any of you are always welcome to make an inquiry, but I ASSURE you the minute that I hear ANYTHING, I will be the first to let you know . . . . . no matter what the outcome.

I learned quite some time ago that Reservations are just like any other provincial town, anywhere . . . . where one idiot can make an ignorant statement, and then that statement is passed along, and then through a tin can, connected to a string - the story on the other side is . . . . [make it anything that you want]. I can only assure you that the rumors that you are hearing are either completely misguided or calculated to lead you into a frenzied rabbit hole - a beehive of stressed out rubbish! UNLESS YOU HEAR DIRECTLY FROM ME, then it is all nonsense chatter . . . it is nothing more than a small town's gossip and it is without merit.

Everything has been submitted to Judge Battaglia, effective July 17, 2018 . . . . and now we wait. [and, no there is no time frame in which Judge Battaglia must provide his ruling - NONE].

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The Majestrate has so much to consider. We are all waiting for his Majestrates verdic.
But soon his verdic will be known. "There is always calmness before the storm,
I pray the storm is chastisement for those who pushed my Ancestors and their children into the rocks with suffering blood. And yet we wait.....