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Friday, July 8, 2016

PECHANGA LOSES $2.88 MILLION Arbitration Award: Eric Traut Represented Former Teacher.

A record $2.88M arbitration award was issued June 22, 2016, by a retired judge following a slip and fall incident by a schoolteacher resulting in loss of ability to work due to a concussion with vertigo and nausea. It is the only case to proceed to binding arbitration against the Pechanga Casino and the largest verdict in the state’s history against the Pechanga Indian Reservation under the Pechanga Tort Liability Act.Attorney Eric Traut represented the claimant to its conclusion after coming on as lead counsel only four months prior to the five-day arbitration.

Pechanga offered $60,000....


White Buffalo said...

It was a good article, I am glad to see someone get some justice for a change. I bet Marcy had a big fat tantrum and he probably went home and kicked his dog or kitty.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Nah, that's what insurance if for. JUst a drop in the bucket,son.