Saturday, July 30, 2016

NOOKSACK Court of Appeals Enforced Contempt Order: Tribe Forfeits it's Claim to Equal Status with Other Sovereign Tribes.

Is Bob Kelly running a protection racket at Nooksack?
If the Nooksack Court of Appeals orders are simply ignored by the Tribe's government officials, the Nooksack government ceases to operate under the rule of law and as a result it forfeits it's claim to equal status with other sovereign tribes any right to demand other jurisdictions respect Nooksack Tribal Court orders or that other sovereign governments deal with it government to government and it's legal authority to govern the Tribe.


Reinstatement_Restitution said...

The Chief of Tribal Police and the Tribal Court Clerk are in contempt. Rule of law is suspended as are elections. The tribal leaders refuse to comply with Court orders or to intercede and order tribal employees to uphold the Constitution. All this is done to proceed with the disenrollments which are also unconstitutional.

That Constitution will never survive this attack unless the general membership steps up and removes all the offenders from office. I know they held off-rez elections and tried to fill the empty seats on the Tribal Council, so the general membership is assuming some power and authority. Looks like they will have to act again to avoid the leaders and employees infringing on their sovereignty.

These acts tread treasonous waters.

Anonymous said...

The new people on the council need to call an emergency meeting, if that is part of their constitution, and it probably has to be 3 day notice,so you somehow need to distract the other council members before you call the meeting and keep them distracted until after the meeting where you have ousted them from their seats, put them under house arrest and go through the records. If you do not get rid of this faction of criminals, you will lose your whole tribe as it is known.

Breaking Point said...

Sooner or later someone is going to get fed up with all of the corruption and greed of the so called Tribal leaders and decide that the only way to stop this abuse is to take out the abusers by force and make them disappear into the mountains or near by lakes or rivers.
That is what will have to happen if you want the Governments attention.
Other wise they will continue to say that it is an internal Tribal issue and they cannot get involved.