Thursday, March 17, 2016

NOOKSACK 306 Told;You Don't Get Your Stinkin' Attorney Gabe Galanda. We CHANGED the RULES

Since attorney Gabe Galanda has been kicking the ass of the corrupt Nooksack tribal leaders in tribal court, the best alternative for them is to CHANGE THE RULES and keep Galanda from their courts.

On Feb. 24, the Nooksack tribal council gave itself the power to disbar attorneys. It might seem a curious move. Both inside and outside Indian country, that power is usually vested in courts and bar associations.

But the council soon made its motive clear. At the very same meeting, the council voted to disbar its biggest foe: Gabriel Galanda

The Native American attorney, with offices in Seattle’s Wedgwood neighborhood, has been fighting for three years to prevent the tribe from kicking out 306 members whose lineage is in dispute. In the process, he has become a nationally known opponent of tribal disenrollment, an increasing trend in recent years amid fights over money and power.

Days before the council made its move, he had won a victory in the Nooksack Tribal Court allowing his clients to vote in tribal elections.   OP: Nothing to see here, move along.....



Anonymous said...

Bob Kelly must be jealous of Robert's and Marc's publicity lately so he had to up his ante. These types of tribal leaders are deep with the devil, their horns just keep growing.

Anonymous said...

Keep fucking around and someone is going to get fed up and do something that will stop you evil bastards.