Thursday, March 3, 2016

Al-Jazeera Streams LIVE discussion on Tribal Disenrollment. Mainstream Media IGNORES the Issue

You ask what you can do to help?   Watch the show, spread the word, tweet, FB ask your friends to do the same.


On Thursday, March 3 at 19:30 GMT  11:30 Pacific 2:30 Eastern:

Native American activists are campaigning against the practice of disenrollment taking place in some tribes in the US. Disenrollment is when a tribe strips an individual of their tribal citizenship. This typically happens when tribes question an individual’s lineage. The impact on an individual or family is immense. Expelled members face loss of medical and educational benefits offered by the tribe. Some may have to relocate off reservations, even if they’ve lived on tribal land their whole lives. 

In February, a #StopDisenrollment selfie campaign took off online, raising awareness and opposing the practice some have dubbed “not traditional”.  

More than 80 federally recognised tribes in 17 states have administered the practice, with many looking to clamp down on enrollment requirements. While tribe leaders assert disenrollments are meant to protect the integrity of the tribe, critics argue it’s politically and economically motivated. We’ll look into this controversial issue and ask what it takes to belong.


WeRone said...

Pechanga was created for our ancestors. Our ancestors gave recorded oral depositions after the reservation was created and gave recorded history of Allotted families and their children. For some reason the tribal council wants to ignore recorded history and disrespect our elders who suffered their rights being taken away by others who thought it was OK to push Indians here and there, and say this is our right to do so. Why would others believe they have more rights than ALL? The land grabbers did. Allotted Indians helped get our sovereign rights, their heirs should have the same rights as ALL band members today. I'm sure our Ancestors would agree.

Anonymous said...

Kinda funny seeing people I never see fighting on the show,....jump on the wagon,..(first time I heard of this story)?

Anonymous said...

Thank you to them for bringing some light to the issue. It is important for people to understand what disenrollment really is, what it does to the disenrollees and their families, what it does to the tribe, and why is is really happening.