Thursday, January 9, 2014


With the way they treated the Alto family, people should just STAY AWAY and not come back.  They are closed for upgrades.

The Valley View Casino & Hotel in Valley Center is closed for business until Jan. 17 while a “head-to-toe” remodel of the facility is undertaken.
“We’ve decided to do all of this in 11 days instead of inconveniencing (our customers) with six months or more of constant stop-and-go construction that continuously interrupts their fun,” general manager Bruce Howard said in a news release.


Alexandra McIntosh Esq said...

This evening, I have had the privilege of having an honored guest, Laura Wass, of the American Indian Movement In my home. The true Chairman of the San Pasqual Band of Kumeyaay Indians was outside talking with his Secretary of State . . . . . all of a sudden there was a strong scent of Sage. No one was burning sage . . . . it was the presence of an ancestor! Honestly, Laura and I could both smell it!
Alexandra McIntosh Esq.

Alexandra McIntosh Esq. said...

Can the San Pasqual descendants pull it together like the Chuckansi natives . . . while they fight disenrollment . . . how about to get out the white Trasks that do not belong to your own tribe . . . how about that Lawson is trying to enroll 60 NON-SAN PASQUAL in to your tribe to consolidate the Trask power and disenfranchise you once again! . .

for ALL nations...for ALL chukchansi people said...

amazing! the healing scent of sage is powerful medicine, and a sign from the ancestors that we must all proceed TOGETHER to make things right within ALL tribes attempting to destroy their own histories, cultures, and very people through disenrollment and nonrecognition of our People!