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Monday, January 13, 2014

Is California READY for ONLINE GAMING? IS IT TIME to END the Tribal Monopoly?

Is California READY for Online Gaming?


Anonymous said...

Tribes don't have a monopoly

Anonymous said...

Sure they California....and yes...I hope if there is online gambling allowed...the tribes are kept out of it...they already have the casinos.

Anonymous said...

The deal tribes have with California will put them as internet gambling providers. Tribes and the state have invested to much in tribal gaming to allow others to start online gaming and hurt the casino's.Actually the way things are as of now the tribes are at the head of the table to be allowed to offer online gaming if it's allowed.

Anonymous said...

Things can change...and the voters can always make that change...the voters gave the tribes the right to allow gambling and the voters can take it away.

Anonymous said...

We just need to open up gaming like Nevada and use all monies from taxes where they belong...with all the people of California.

Tribes had a leg up, got wealthy, proved they couldn't handle that, harmed many of their own and sent a lot of money to Washington DC