Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nooksack Chairman Bob Kelly LAWBREAKER - Shows CONTEMPT for Tribal Court's Ruling

Our friends from the NOOKSACK 306 have passed this on to us, which show that "tribal courts" don't mean a thing when you are corrupt.

Our lawyers have filed a MOTION FOR CONTEMPT OF COURT against the Kelly Faction for violating the Tribal Court's order on Christmas support payments. 
They continued to cut checks to non-306 members after the ruling on December 18, but Bob Kelly, Abby Smith and Katherine Canete told staff to not cut Christmas support checks to the 306 too. 

That is a breach of the Court's Order! And three non-306 members were fired from accounting in the process. Our hands go up to Leah Zapata for submitting a sworn declaration to the Judge, explaining how the Kelly Faction has once again broke Nooksack and federal law.


Anonymous said...

Praying that Nooksack 306 prevail in this and the council is arrested.

whirlwind soldier said...

i agree with the litigants but so far ain't seein where the federal courts are showing much sympathy except for the awesome san diego guy. but it is true, they are sanctioning all sorts of illegalities by not interfering with so called sovereign tribal courts, they are making a joke out of the federal constitution and the real indain people. money does it every time. i guess this is the test for assimilation, and unfortunately they 're all passing with flying colors i'd say. this goes so against real native beliefs and behaviors as to be more than deplrable becuz of them. a sad day for humanity at large, a great day for the fascist corpsoration worshippers of molloch! many they be.