Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Redding Rancheria Disenrollments Nearing 10 Yr. Anniversary. Shameful Episode in Native American History

From our friends, the Foreman Family, a reminder that 10 years have passed since the injustice of tribal disenrollment happened to their family.  Why didn't they take a DNA test?  THEY DID and it was 99.9% positive.  


On January 27th 2004, 76 members of my family the "Foreman's" were removed from the Redding Rancheria tribal rolls based on nothing but a conjured up rumor alleging my great grandmother Lorena Foreman-Butler was not the daughter of her mother (my great great grandmother) Virginia Timmons, one of Redding Rancherias 17 original distributees.

Redding Rancheria tribal officials NEVER produce A SINGLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE to dispute my Great Grandmothers lineage and my family provided reams of legal and contemporary documents proving her mother was Virginia Timmons. Tribal Council still required my family to provide genomic DNA from my deceased great grandmother and my deceased great great grandmother to retain our tribal citizenship.

Despite my family providing Tribal Council with DNA test results from two separate labs of 99.987% and 99.890%, proving by the legal standards established by the American Bar Association and the American Medical Associations that Lorena Butler and Virginia Timmons were mother and daughter, Redding Rancheria Tribal Council still stripped my family of our tribal citizenship.

Congratulations to the Redding Rancheria for their dispicable acts of DISHONOR in what they did to my Grandfather, my Ancestors and my family! Money over your own people, after everything my Grandfather did for his people and for his tribe. Its been 10 years, but justice is coming SOON! 

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Anonymous said...

Pala chairman Robert Smith now denying TANF a federally funded program to disenrollee's by signing (and lying) on federal TANF documents that they are not descendants or native of Pala. "If someone's biological parent is an enrolled member of Pala how can their child, even though disenrolled not be a descendant"?? Answer me this please! He really does whatever he wants he is a DICTATOR..when will someone stop this man??