Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Shasta County Group Honors Woman Who Violated Civil Rights With Civil Rights Award. SCCAR FLUBS it BIG TIME

This is akin to the UN putting Iran of it's Human Rights commission.  The  Shasta County Citizen's Advocating Respect honored the civil and human rights abusing Barbara Hayward Murphy with it's Civil Rights and Justice Award.    I got this from Carla Foreman Maslin, daughter of Redding Rancheria's FIRST Tribal Chairman.

Hayward Murphy was part of a group that forced the Foreman family to exhume their ancestor to prove DNA, it did, overwhelmingly....they still disenrolled them.

So the a local organization honored some people at their Annual Awards Dinner on Saturday at Redding Rancheria's Hilton Garden Inn. 
This organization known as SCCAR "Shasta County Citizens Advocating Respect" formerly known as "Shasta County Against Racism" honored Redding Rancheria's Tribal Leader, Barbara Hayward-Murphy was a recipient for the Civil Rights & Justice Award. 

I am shaking as I write this as I am appalled & in shock as Shasta County Citizens would even consider giving this evil minded person who afflicted so much injustice & violations of my family's human, civil & tribal rights. 

The mission of this organization: "To publicly & privately work toward the elimination of racism, prejudice & social injustice in our area." I have to say that I know some of the people on the board & makes me wonder about why they would choose someone with the same mind as "Hitler" himself. 

My family is very much apart of this community & it was my Father, God rest his soul, that was the person who should be the recipient of that award. What a "scar" this has left on this community, the world for, justice but my family. I am saddened.



Anonymous said...

I wonder how much money was donated to them for this award.

White Buffalo said...

It is now time to write a letter to this awards group "Shasta County Citizens Advocating Respect" known as SCCAR. It is a shame that people who are instrumental in causing harm to others can fly below the radar and appear as pillars of community who embody civility toward others. It is also true that this group SCCAR has heard only one side of the story. It is important to get the facts to those who made this choice. It is also important to present these facts in an objective and non-personal way so there is no assertion that the claim against this woman "Hayward Murphy" is just personal vendetta. If possible can an address or email be provided where correspondence can be sent?

Anonymous said...

Sovereignty is not immunity to civil rights.