Thursday, November 14, 2013

San Manuel Band of Indians Donates $500,000 to Red Cross for Philippines Relief

The San Manuel Band has donated $500,000 dollars to Philippines Relief via the American Red Cross and were seen on ABC 7 here in Los Angeles.

Excellent Effort San Manuel.  Way to lead Indian Country.

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White Buffalo said...

San Manuel is very generous, they also give a lot to the community and to schools. While on the other hand I understand that Pala is reducing Per-cap's by a sizeable amount. It was stated by the Pala council that this was necessary due to the economic downturn. I know this article was about the generosity of San Manuel, yet there is a correlation to tribes who attempt to do the right thing and other greedy tribes like Pechanga. The correlation the honest tribes do well and can share with others, and the corrupt never have enough money. It is truly sad about the Philippines