Monday, April 18, 2011

The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians Has A Moral Obligation To Fill to Temecula

The Leadership of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians is as MORALLY BANKRUPT as they come,  YET

The OPINION Staff of the NCTimes/Californian have an interesting editorial up on the squabble between the City of Temecula and the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians.  But can Californians expect the Pechanga Band, which has stripped many of its OWN citizens of their voting rights, healthcare, educational assistance and has also tried to STEAL water rights from allottees, to act MORALLY?   Surely, they jest.   Pechanga's tribal council won't even follow the tribes OWN constitution and bylaws.  Mark Macarro act morally?   John Macarro advise on a moral issue?   Pechanga practices APARTHEID on their reservation.   Does anyone really think they can acto MORALLY?

What happens now in Temecula's battle with the Pechanga Indians over the tribe's refusal to abide by the spirit of a contract it signed with the city?

Of course, it should be noted that the city is in a fix that is somewhat of its own making. After all, it entered into a three-way contract with the tribe and Riverside County without having any control over the part of the deal between the county and the tribe. That was bad lawyering by the city.

That doesn't excuse the fact, though, that the Pechanga agreed to pay the city about $2 million per year to help counter the impact of thousands of slot machines on its neighbor, then sought refuge in a loophole to keep from paying it.

Some background: In 2008, voters said tribes operating casinos in California could exceed the statutory limit of 2,000 slot machines if they reached agreements with neighboring cities and counties to offset the effects of the larger casinos on those communities. Larger casinos mean more traffic and more law enforcement headaches.

The loophole in the Pechanga-Temecula deal is that the contract, ostensibly to have taken effect last summer, doesn't really go into effect until all three parties have reached an agreement ---- and the county and the Pechanga are hundreds of thousands of dollars apart in their negotiations.

What's more, because they already have the machines in place, the Pechanga have absolutely no motivation to reach an agreement with the county.


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White Buffalo said...

Pechanga should not be allowed to install or use any machines over 2000 until they fulfill their agreement with the people of CA. What this means is that they come to an agreement with the county of Riverside. It would be appropriate for the attorney general of CA to ask the courts to pose an injunction on the tribe disallowing the tribe to profit from said machines, for they are in breach of agreement contract that they made when the ballot passed.

Anonymous said...

This didn't make Rochas site. Want to bet Soboba's bad news will?

Anonymous said...

No longer cockroacha's site. He was swallowed by invisible hand and Schmidt continues to run the show.

Cockroacha is now totally in the belly of the beast. Doesn't he look like he is embalmed in his photo? All pasted white with funeral makeup? What a man!

Anonymous said...

No bets on Rocha. He has THREE links to Soboba article, but he didn't post the editoral about Pechanga's moral issues. Is that because Victor is a man of few morals himself?

All the news fit to censor, right Rocha?

Anonymous said...

The NCTimes editorial was well-presented. It seemed fair to both sides.

Anonymous said...

The Pechanga council has few morals, maybe not enough to even be offended.

Anonymous said...

Hey What's up with the Larry Mirand deal. I heard from some members that this was to be discussed at one of the meeting, but it has been put off over and over again.

smokeybear said...


Anonymous said...

Sure, Pechanga has no qualifier for getting paid. Their resident child molester gets paid, comes to meetings, is near the children.