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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pechanga's Deteriorating Intergovernmental Relationship

ICT has a story up on the relationships between gaming tribes and local governments. We know that Pechanga has failed to pay the City of Temecula $2 million and that being litigated. The Sheriffs Dept. spends a lot of time enforcing the law at Pechanga, and that's just with the Masiel Crime Family....

From the Article:

Fifty miles away and across the county line the relationship between another city and tribe has deteriorated into a standoff that threatens Indians with a lawsuit for allegedly not providing contractually owed funds for law enforcement and other impacts from its casino.

“(The) Temecula City Council can decide to continue down a litigious path of conflict and dissipate what remains of any good will between Pechanga and the city,” said Mark Macarro, tribal chairman of the Pechanga Band of LuiseƱo Indians in a statement issued Aug. 10, the day the city his tribe borders decided to file legal action against the tribe in a unanimous city council vote.

The contrast demonstrates the varied intergovernmental relations in Southern California, where self-reliant tribes maneuver a complex web of non-Native public entities in an era of dwindling public coffers. The difference, said UCLA Law Professor Carole Goldberg, could be attributed to the political climate and history between tribes and neighboring governments.


Anonymous said...

well the city of Temecula can always sit outside the reservation and start ticketing all tribal members for speed, etc....that would help ease the monies they are owed pretty quickly....

just do it said...

What the hell does Pechanga's Mouthpiece Carole Goldberg mean with that stupid statement she made above...Normally,I'm quick on the draw... still trying to figure it out....and yes Temecula should start ticketing these crazy drivers coming from the Casino...most of them are Drunks.