Monday, September 20, 2010

Is It Time for a Recall of Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro?

For Violations of Civil Rights of Indian People
For Lying to Congress
For Misuse of authority
For Theft of Per Capita totally over $250 MILLION
For Denial of Health Care to Elders
For FAILURE to follow Pechanga's Constitution and Bylaws
For enriching his wife's lobbying firm with Pechanga funds?


Anonymous said...

punk ass,,,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Congress can do that and should do that send him to the pokey for life now thats a recall I like what do you all think STOLEN TRIBE

Anonymous said...

I think that anyone who voted to keep Mark Macarro in office is like a lamb being lead to the slaughter house.
The truth is about to come out
so all of you that voted for him
stick by his side. When you meet your maker maybe in jail who knows
you can tell him how much of a coward you were and afraid to vote him out

Anonymous said...

They don't have the balls to get rid of him!

stand your ground said...

It is time for Congress to RECALL
Mark Macarro to testify again how he wants to preserve sacred land, where his Golf Course NOW sits.
Maybee this time they realize that they are listening to a proffessional LIAR.

just do it said...

Congress should recall Mark Macarro to testify again in the matter of the Great Oak Ranch ,and the Tribe should recall him due to ILLEGAL AND CORRUPTIVE DEALINGS AND COERCION WITH THE COUNCIL, CONSPIRACY TO DISENFRANCHISE TRUE TEMECULA INDIANS.

This corruptive Tribal Leader should be in Prison.

Anonymous said...

Good luck recalling Macoward. He's being protected by felons, liars, and a felon sex offender CPP vice pres of a motorcycle gang that runs the Tribal Police (anyone above him is just a figure-head. We all know he runs the show).