Thursday, September 30, 2010

CA Tribe OPPOSES Pechanga's Water Rights Bill As Written

The Chairman of Enterprise No.1, Robert Edwards has written a letter opposing Pechanga's Water Rights bill H.R. 5413.    As individual citizens, you can do the same and send them to:

Indians of Enterprise No.1
Robert Edwards, Chairman
P.O. 11
Paradise, CA 95967
Phone (530) 228-4910

September 29, 2010

To the attention of the Subcommittee on Water and Power
Testimony in Opposition to HR5413 - The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians Water Rights Settlement Act of 2010

Dear Committee Members:

It is the desire of my tribe to strongly oppose HR5413 on the grounds that as currently drafted it fails to protect the rights of all Temecula Indians.

We request that the Subcommittee on Water and Power oppose this act until such a time as the appropriate amendments are made in order to assure the rights of all allottees.

Further, it is not appropriate that Pechanga tribal officials negotiate or represent allottees without their knowledge or consent. All allottees with water rights in this matter must be protected by representation that will look out for their best interests. That representation is misplaced in the hands of Pechanga tribal officials who have repeatedly stripped their tribal members and former tribal members of their most basic rights.

We respectfully request that the Subcommittee on Water and Power defeat HR5413 until it is amended to include reference to the Temecula Band and/or Indians in order to protect the rights of all Temecula Indians.


Robert Edwards, Chairman
Indians of Enterprise No.1

Thank you Chairman Edwards for your support in opposition to HR5413


Anonymous said...

Thank you Chairman Edwards.

creeper said...

Thank you Robert and Kandy,
you have always supported us,
we love you guys.

M.and H.

Anonymous said...

It is so gratifying to have the support of other tribal entities in our struggle.

Friends from Enterprise #1, Redding, Snoqualmie among the many.


Anonymous said...

Excellent letter.
I except big changes in the positive coming.

PHunter said...

The Federal Government must do a lot more digging into what is going on at Pechanga.

How many allottees does the tribe represent? They certainly don't represent 175 Hunters, nor ANY of the Tosobols in the Moratorium.

Anonymous said...

Or the Guavish clan stuck in the moratorium also