Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Success in Washington DC for Temecula Indians Exposing Pechanga's Lies

We wrote yesterday about a contingent of Temecula Indians who are in Washington DC to meet with committee members on the Pechanga Water Rights Bill that is in committee. We would like to thank the office of the President of the United States for visiting our blog yesterday; TWICE.

Now, we've received a query from Rep. Darrell Issa, asking for more information on Rep. Mike Thompson's request for an oversight hearing into the ICRA.

We also hear that the Pechanga Band of Mission Indians, headed by Liar-in-Chief Mark Macarro, sent a letter to the committees saying that the group of Temecula Indians is "grandstanding". We hope to have a copy of that letter for you by tomorrow. This pre-emptive letter by Pechanga, shows they are concerned about being exposed. This gave our team a great opportunity to smack down many points in the letter. And to give the committee staff a much fuller explanation of what could happen if the bill goes through as written. In fact, the meeting grew from two to eight attendees. The TRUTH has a way of bringing people to hear it.

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Anonymous said...

It states above "Now, we've received a query from Rep. Darrell Issa, asking for more information on Rep. Mike Thompson's request for an oversight hearing into the ICRA"; what do you mean when you say "we've received a query from Rep Darrell Issa"? Did he or someone from his office actually email or contact someone on this blog?

Anonymous said...

I shows a hit on OP'site when anyone visit's here (like a tracking cookie )I saw it ,the cookie clearly was from the

Executive Office of the President

Headquarters White House
The Executive Office of the President (EOP) consists of the immediate staff of the President of the United States

Anonymous said...

The contingent of "Temecula Indians" in Washington D.C. are also speaking for all of us who have had our civil rights violated. They speak for the Snoqualmie Nine who were illegally banished from the Snoqualmie Tribe in Washington State and for the 80 plus citizens of the tribe that they have illegally disenrolled. We need an oversight hearing into the ICRA. Even after a Federal judge ruled that our civil rights were violated and overturned our permanent banishment- the corrupt tribal council will still not reinstate us and have instead handed us another 7 year sanction without due process. The sanction says we will be arrested if we step on tribal property and that we cannot speak to other tribal members - we cannot vote or hold office or attend meetings. We are in affect banished again.......and even though they swore in Federal court that we were members of the tribe - they are now disenrolling us. The Snoqualmie Tribal council just scoffs at the Federal Judge and told him in his own court that he couldn't make them follow our laws. All that is left is organized crime. This corruption must be exposed! Thank-you for keeping this blog for all of us! This is more than a California issue - it's across the United States in growing numbers.

OPechanga said...

Rep. Issa sent me the query through TWITTER @opechanga asking for more information.
I sent him Rep. Thompson's letter to Rep. Nick Rahall.

Twitter is good for getting short messages to our Representatives. I also sent a tweet to Rep. Mary Bono Mack thanking her for meeting with our team.

Anonymous said...

To the Snoqualmie member,

Do you live on the rez right now?
Also will the local police not enforce a court order from the federal court allowing you access to your land?

Can You obtain,apply for a TRO ,temp restraining order keeping them away from you?

Anonymous said...

LOL! You all have no chance because you can't get your family's to stand together. Tosobols are "johnny come lately" Hunter family are cow's, or rather lambs that were led to slaughter.

Manuel Miranda's are lazy except for what..three or four.
It was easy to knock you out.

creeper said...

Anonymus above...
The only reason that I am answering you is because obviously you are an enrolled member and NOT INDIAN, you are arrogant and you have no sense of history or tradition, that will be your downfall. We do not need hundreds to bring out the truth and defeat you...by now you should know and feel the pressure of our determination. By the way i'ts in our DNA TO FIGHT BACK
Have a nice day.....

'aamokat said...

Well, some of us Hunters are in this for keeps and together with the Tsoabols and M. Mirandas we are making real progress as why do you think Mark Macarro was in Washington D.C. this week?

Because with these water settlement bills and our effective lobbying, without the big bucks by the way, for the ICRA he is very concerned because people in power are hearing our stories.

And, especially the water settlement bills, Pechanga cannot claim sovereignty on this one because the water is for all Temecula Indians not just the self proclaimed so called representatives for the Temeculas the current regime at Pechanga.

He won't admit it but I think Macarro may very well be sh*tting in his pants right about now.

The truth hurts doesn't it!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean when you say johnny come lately. I beg to differ We have been around from the 1700 that is not a johnny come lately . our lenage has never been broken we have all our paper work to prove this . for you to say this you must be a fake Indian WANT TO BE ... united we will beat you THE TRUTH IS COMING

Anonymous said...

Iam a member of the tosobol clan and I went to washington DC to support 100s of us. when we were their we talked to many different people. some that did not even know that their were indians that had been disenrolled or are on the moratorium and were alottes. well we were living proof one disenrolled supporting 100s one moratorium supporting 100s that were alottees.It seems as tho someone told them ALL ALOTTEESWERE MEMBERS GUESS WHO. WE NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT ALL OUR RIGHTS ARE PROTECTED AND THAT THESE BILLS ARE REWRITTEN TO PROTECT ALL ALOTTEES

'aamokat said...


My guess is the Liar in Chief none other than Mark Macarro.

I am glad you got to tell our story for us thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know how many disenrolled are alottees and how many moratorium alottees .vs how many are enrolled alottees some one told me it was something like 96 percent not 4 percent were alottees that were enrolled does anyone have a answer