Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Governator LOSES AGAIN to Indian Tribes

Our Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger's incompetence is showing AGAIN. His administration has been accused of tricking some tribes into signing new compacts that were unneeded. This will cost the state MILLIONS of dollars in revenue and may lead to California having to pay BACK monies paid. That will make the state's budget debt limbo bar even lower.

A San Diego federal judge has given North County’s Pauma Indian band a reprieve from multimillion-dollar payments to the state under a 2004 gambling deal.

Judge Larry Burns said the state compact was entered into mistakenly and ruled the tribe doesn’t have to pay under its terms until he makes a final ruling on the deal. Burns said he’s leaning toward undoing the compact and gave lawyers for the state time to come up with arguments to change his mind.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said through a spokesman that his legal team is reviewing its options.

The dispute turns on the negotiations Pauma entered into with Schwarzenegger in 2004 in an effort to replace its 1,050-slot casino — now housed in a metal-framed tent — with a resort to compete with those of neighboring tribes.

The tribe says it was tricked into those negotiations because the state insisted there weren’t additional slot machine licenses available under the compact signed in 1999 between the state and about 60 tribes

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Anonymous said...

Thats OK...because we were all tricked BY THE TRIBES into thinking they would use the Casino money to look after all the tribal members and not kick out people that they used for support to get the Casinos in the first place so they could stuff thier own pockets with the losses of the California citizens.

Anonymous said...

The state insists that there are no more slot machines available?!?!?!?!?

What about the 5,000 slot machines that Pechanga has just recently negotiated with the support of the City of Temecula in exchange for improving the streets?

I think that what Schwartzenegger failed to tell Pauma was that his golfing palm was not greased enough.