Monday, April 19, 2010

Bureau of Indian Affairs Expands Termination Era Against Native Americans.

Robert Edwards, of Enterprise Rancheria, expresses disappointment in the news that the BIA is helping to expand the Termination Era against Native Americans. This decision is absolutely no surprise when you realize that the Bureau has continued to shuffle around the same Bureau officials who have been condoning these disenrollments from day one. Here's the line-up of the top three from the Pacific Regional Office of the BIA in Sacramento: Pacific Regional Director, Dale Morris - He's the guy who provided Enterprise Rancheria with a letter recognizing them (Glenda, Frank, etc) as the tribal government of ER immediately after we conducted the recall election. He told Congressman Herger's office that he would meet with our side on this issue and then refused to do so. This is called interfering in an inter-tribal dispute which the BIA is not allowed to do. Was he dismissed? Nope. Deputy Regional Director, Trust Services - Amy Dutschke - Amy made headlines in the Sacramento Bee because she was caught swelling a tribe with her relatives and of course that tribe had a casino project pending. OP: READ HERE Deputy Regional Director, Indian Services - Dale Risling - Remember Dale? He was the Superintendent of the Central California Agency when we first appealed our disenrollment. He and Raymond Fry conveniently lost our appeal and we had to resubmit it to them. Then they started the run around, but in the meantime, Dale and Ray made the Sacramento Bee after being caught meeting with casino backer's for one of the tribes. That's off limits for the BIA. But, were they dismissed? Nope, just transfer them and promote them. Is it any wonder that people are having trust issues these days? There is absolutely no accountability.


Anonymous said...

Very similar actions from Superintendent Judy Joseph at the Everett, Washington BIA office and Stan Speaks, Regional Director in Portland, Oregon. Both of these BIA officials took sides in our dispute with the Snoqualmie Tribe and recognized an honorary chief (who was never elected by the people) over an elected chairman. Judy Joseph turned over the bank accounts to the honorary chief and his council. The results were the disenrollments of over 40 people and the banishment of 9 (5 elected officials and 4 of their close relatives). They told the Seattle Times that because we are a Treaty Tribe we do not have to follow our laws! In fact in Federal Court their attorney, Pete Connick told Federal Judge James Robart that he couldn't make the Snoqualmie Tribe follow their constitution. He boasted about it and the Judge did not have a reply! All we have left after they interfered in this dispute is "organized crime"....there are no laws, there are no rules, there is no accountability. In addition to all of this, Judy Joseph is related to the chief who took over our tribe through one of his relatives. It must be nice to have people in places that can promote you by eliminating all competition.

Anonymous said...

Tribes determine their own membership in their own forum. Hence, unless agreed otherwise, the BIA has no direct role in the internal tribal decisions of tribal membership. Further, typically, a disenrollment occurs to resolve longstanding questions about membership status. Trying to detect or to manufacture a link between a tribal disenrollment action and a BIA action (or inaction) constitutes a desperate and likely useless effort to attack the credibility of both the tribe and the BIA, and thus to undermine their legitimacy in the eyes of the public. This effort also shifts the focus of attention from the material facts governing the determination of membership to side issues. As best I can tell from the outside looking in, the non-members lost their tribal membership owing to inadequate membership credentials, meaning these non-members did not have the facts on their side. Now that the tribes have revealed and dealt with this situation, by correcting the membership roll, the non-members have been returned to their proper status. They should accept their fate, and go on with their lives as ordinary Americans, who may or may not enjoy Indian ancestry.

Anonymous said...

To fairly retort the post left anonymously on April 20, 2010 2:46 PM, I have to chuckle a bit noting how special you must feel to not be an "ordinary american".

Now, I do like how you vicariously mention, that much like any other outsider, you have no clue what you are talking about, unless that is you are on the inside, and have a vested interest in opposing the dis-enrolled families from the Pechanga Reservation. The unfortunate fact is that most families, if not all, do have adequate membership credentials, yet no provisions were made to create legitimacy to the decision made by the enrollment committee. In most cases, the entire reservation populous was not involved in the decision, let alone, were even aware why these families were being dis-enrolled. So before you speak any further about suggesting those dis-enrolled members "accept their fate", consider that perhaps this is not fate at all, it is, in fact injustice; a perfect example of what Columbus dreamed of doing thousands of years ago. So thank you but no thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gentle readers. If you want any solid facts presented to the enrollment committee on the family lines that were disenrolled at the Pechanga reservation, please contact the site administrator. The administrator will forward the information to you via family lines who will do the work upon request.

Please read deep into this blog. There is several links to certified documents and communications.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Descendents of Paulina Hunter:

100 descentents removed from Pechanga 2006. Descendents put "San Lius Rey Tribe" on 1928 California Application.

Three people voted to remove these families, and they descend from ancestors with the this information from there 1928 Application

Salazar, Petronilla ---San Luiseno 1. Frances Miranda

Leyva, Maximinio ----Mission- San Luis Rey
2. Ruth Masiel
3. Irene Scearce

Fair and impartial is what the Bylaws say.

Temecula Band of Mission Indians