Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CA Democrat Darrell Steinberg Says Boycott AZ for New Immigration Law, IGNORES Civil Rights Violations by Indian Tribes in His OWN STATE

Mr. Steinberg, there are huge civil rights violators in YOUR own state. Look HERE first. Do the names: Pechanga, Picayune, Enterprise, Robinson, San Pascual, Los Coyotes mean ANYTHING to you. NO? The have your staff follow this blog, sir. Forget about Arizona, that state is NONE OF YOUR DAMN Business. They have elected politicians in that state. Protect the local California INDIANS who have HAD THEIR CIVIL RIGHTS violated ALREADY. Why worry about illegal aliens from another country. LOOK INWARD, tell your leadership to no longer support tribes that VIOLATED the civil and human rights already.

California Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg said today he has asked Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to work with him to review all state contracts with Arizona and possibly break them because of Arizona's new immigration police law. OP: BREAK contact with tribes, no longer have meetings at their hotels, don't take their political donations,

"That bill is a gross civil-rights violation. We hope it will be overturned by the courts quickly," said the Sacramento Democrat, who sent a letter to Schwarzenegger today. OP: There is NO violation, the bill hasn't taken effect. Meanwhile, elders are abused, health care taken away, voting rights cancelled, in your own back yard.

The new Arizona law requires local police officers to demand proof of legal status in the United States when officers believe there is reasonable suspicion that someone is an illegal immigrant. Latino and immigrant rights groups say the law will lead to racial profiling and vow to sue to stop it. OP: Meanwhile, tribes are violating tribal constitutions with impugnity, using LESS THAN reasonble suspicion to accuse people they DON'T LIKE.

"It's a civil-rights issue whenever you set somebody aside because of the color of their skin or where they come from," said Steinberg, who is a lawyer. "And that applies to both legal immigrants, citizens and undocumented immigrants. I mean, how do you define reasonable suspicion? There's only one way under that law. And it's somebody who looks Mexican. Period."

Read more: http://www.sacbee.com/static/weblogs/capitolalertlatest/2010/04/post-12.html#ixzz0mKwBVpQn


Anonymous said...

Is there a letter writing campaign to him?...any address??

OPechanga said...

I have faxed this blog post to him, we should also send it to a couple of Los Angeles city council members...

stand your ground said...

Yeah, DARRELL IS ANOTHER SACRAMENTO POLITICAL JERK WHO CARES ABOUTH ILLEGAL "immigrants" more than about the criminal violation being perpetraded by the
Pechanga Tribes Leader Mark Macarro.
I think that all that money the tribe is paying to get what they want from Sacramento is working all to well against justice for the aggrieved Native Americans.
How about it Mr.Steinberg, are you willing to look at these crimes? Will you get involved? Will you help?

Anonymous said...

Get the address to your represintative here:


Easy to look it up by zip code.

If we all get just 5 people each to send a letter. We all know somebody.

PHunter said...

It's time to do what is right, Pechanga!

creeper said...

Hey, I am going shopping this week, if i'ts made in Arizona I am buyng it. This Idiot Darrell Steinberg is just looking out for his political career. How many Illegals will vote for you, and how many Legals will NOT vote for you? Think about that Darrell.

OPechanga said...

This issue shows how disingenuous our politicians are.

You can't say you are standing up for illegal aliens civil rights that could "possibly be violated" and then take money from the REAL civil rights violators.

Get with it Mr. Steinberg.