Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CA Politicians Need to Clean their OWN HOUSE of Civil Rights Violators.

We've been hearing so much about the new immigration law in Arizona, drafted because the Federal Government has not fulfilled it's obligation to protect the border with Mexico.

The interesting issue is that the San Francisco City Council, Rep. Joe Baca, some Los Angeles City Council members including Janice Hahn and Ed Reyes want to boycott Arizona and sever all business ties. And for what? Because a sovereign state drafted laws that were concurrent with Federal statutes? Please.

Let's see. Here in California we have tribes that violate Native American rights with impunity, yet former CA Assembly Speaker Karen Bass takes money from tribes like Pechanga which is known to be a violator and partied at the Chukchansi casino in Coarsegold.

Compare what's happened by tribes in California, where tribal councils have:

  • Stripped tribal members of their citizenship
  • Denied voting rights to members
  • Taken away rightful healthcare to seniors
  • Blocked access to land on the reservation
  • Denied members due process of law, including legal representation, even writing tools.
  • Prohibition of practicing religion, including the right to pray at their ancestor's graves.
  • Threatened others if they speak out
  • Subjected some to ex post facto laws.
  • Banishment from reservation at a whim.
  • Failure to follow the tribal constitutions (Pechanga)
  • Disallow burials where their ancestors were buried.

Compare these with the chance that someone could be asked to show ID if they are a citizen. And it's a law that hasn't happened yet. In California, ALL have happened, repeatedly to CITIZENS of California. And either, the politicians have their heads in the sand, or they simply won't get enough press coverage by doing what is right by their own constituents.

As we asked Darrell Steinberg yesterday, LOOK INWARD to what's happening in your own state. Boycott tribes like Pechanga, Picayune, Guidiville, Enterprise, Cherokee Nation, San Pacual, Los Coyotes. And certainly DO NOT ACCEPT MONEY FROM THEM, otherwise, you give your tacit approval.


t'eetilawuncha! said...

This is exactly the point. We need to encourage everyone to lobby this issue. Letter writing campaign will begin.

Anonymous said...

Contact your elected offical and advise them of the profiling of Native American Citizens.

The Truth said...

Get the address to your represintative here:

Easy to look it up by zip code.

If we all get just 5 people each to send a letter. We all know somebody.

OPechanga said...

Or, you can fax or send them this article. AND you can SHARE this article on your facebook pages, simply click SHARE link at the top of the page.

OPechanga said...

The fax numbers for the CA State Assembly are virtually identical: They start with 1-916-319-2101 and go through 1-916-319-2180 The only numbers that change are the last 2. Those last 2 numbers represent the district the Assembly members represents. There are 80 districts. Starting from 01 for the 1st District and going through 80 for the 80th District- with all those in between- will cover everyone.

PHunter said...

It's important to put your contact information down so you have their response on record,.

'aamokat said...

Personally, I think people who commit crimes in any state, especially violent crimes, should be automatically deported if they are shown to be in the U.S. illegally.

However, I don't want local law enforcement checking people for solely being suspected of being here illegally.

But Arizona is a sovereign state so is it my place as a California resident to tell them what laws they can pass?

Interesting that the very same people who take a hands off approach, such as Mr. Steinberg and company, when dealing with civil rights violations in within Indian tribes inside of their own state borders because of sovereignty,butt in on the sovereignty of the state of Arizona.