Monday, March 29, 2010

Video Discussing Pechanga Moratorium on Enrollment

The original basis for the moratorium was for the enrollment committee to "catch up" on all the requests for enrollment. The Pechanga Band's bylaws say OPEN ENROLLMENT each January.

How stupid and incompetent is the enrollment committee that it takes 10 years to "catch up"? Well, with Masiels on the committee, that answers its own question.

The Tosobol family have BLOOD relatives who are members of the tribe and this family BELONGS.


'aamokat said...

in 2008 or 2009 the tribe reporteldy acknowledged to the general membership that there were applications that had been submitted prior to the deadline for the start of the moratorium but the tribe voted to not process them so those individuals are still not tribal members.

Reportedly some of the comments at the meeting of the vote of the general membership were, "you mean we would have to share our money with these people?"

Predictively the membership voted to instruct the enrollment committee not to process those applications.

So it isn't about the money?

Anonymous said...

Well the Masiel crime family is in charge, so it's not a wonder that doing the right thing would be a priority.

Anonymous said...

Yes the Tosobol was one of those familys, they submitted applications in the enrollment period that next november recieved notice that a moritorium vote had put them on hold for few months until all applications could be reveiwed,say what!we have yet to see reveiw of anything in fact family members in the pechanga band are hiding the applications even though they have been told every time they ask enrollment committee everythings in order on your applications they are on file,they are building on the land

Anonymous said...

And banished at that,you tell me no criminal intent ask The BIA what will we criminal intent and we will prosecute one women advised just to give in and sell the land Right is right wrong is wrong STAND AND UNITE FOR JUSTICE

Anonymous said...

The Tribal Council is dishonest. The Tribal Council has committed numerous crimes and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Outside review of Pechanga tribal officials and BIA officials by Federal and State Law Enforcement and the IRS is long overdue. Prison sentences, fines and restitution to the injured tribal citizens should be imposed on the individuals who failed to follow the law.

Anonymous said...

Dishonest OR corrupt Above comenter is BEING very nice to say the least call the FBI call the attourny GENERAL make a criminal complaint,when you say injured tribal citizens on moritorium or disenolled are not considered as tribal