Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jerry Brown, Attorney General Who Wouldn't Oversee Tribal Casinos As Required, Announces Governor Bid

Maybe there IS ONE PERSON who makes Schwarzenegger looked good. Has-been retread Jerry Brown, former two time governor of California, announced his bid today to try to regain the Governor's office.

HELP US all if Brown is elected.

In January we told you how much he's taken from large casino tribes:

In 2008, for example, Brown sided with the tribes and against the state Gambling Control Commission, which wanted to impose new requirements on the tribe's casino operations, similar to how Nevada casinos are regulated.
Since then, he has collected $692,000 from tribes into various campaign and charitable accounts. Brown says there is no connection. (Then we must all believe there was NO connection to Enron, Halliburton and Big Oil for George W. Bush) But his view is that the state has a limited role overseeing tribe-owned casinos – and that ought to give voters some pause, regardless of their views on gambling.

Do we want THIS kind of man in the Governor's Office:

Mr. Harmon wrote that in 1988, five years after he left office as California governor, Mr. Brown engaged in a legal/political battle with the office of the California Secretary of State over who should have custody over the Brown gubernatorial records—the office of California State Archives, or Mr. Brown himself.

The California State Legislature decided the matter by inserting a new provision in the California Public Records Act that required the transfer of all California gubernatorial records to the state archives. All gubernatorial records, that is, except for “public records or other writings in the direct custody or control of any Governor who held office between 1974 and 1988” (California Government Code Section 6268). Records generated during that period, the Tribune article explained, could be transferred by the governor “to any educational or research institution in California.” Since Mr. Brown served as California governor between 1975 and 1983, that public records exception applied almost exclusively to him.

But more importantly, Mr. Harmon wrote in his Inside Bay Area article, “(a) little-noticed provision — overlooked in the aftermath of a fight over who could have custody of governor's papers rather than who had access — provided the 50-year secrecy protection that Brown wanted.”

Sounds a little Nixon like...


Anonymous said...

Just because Jerry Brown takes hundreds of thousands of dollars from tribes, doesn't mean he would side with them against the people of CA.

Hopefully, enough people will remember Governor Moonbeam and not make a mistake of giving him a third term in office.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Linda Ronstadt is old and fat to be first lady again.

'aamokat said...

Besides, Gov. Moonbeam married someone else in recent years so Linda couldn't be first lady of Cal. anyway.

Anonymous said...

God forbid, he ruined california the first few times in office. YUK