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Pechanga Tribal Council Honors Man Who Commited Lewd, Lascivious Acts With A Child Under 14

Yes, that's correct readers, honors. That is, they took the word of a convicted, imprisoned child molestor who provided hearsay testimony, in a letter from prison.

Our cousin Aamokat provides the details as to how the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians honors the words of a child molestor.

When we the Hunter family were disenrolled from the Pechanga tribe I wondered what the evidence was against us because all we were given by the enrollment committee were some statements from some tribal elders, all from the CPP faction of the tribe, who claimed we had never been recognized as being Pechanga.

By the way, the CPP had its orgins with the Splinter Group who tried unsuccessfully to take over the tribe in the early 1980's.

And since those statements were directly contradicted by other Pechanga elders not from the CPP faction as well testimony from elders from the late 1800’s during probate for our land allotment and other testimony that showed that we are indeed Pechanga, I wondered and still wonder when any evidence was ever presented against us. OP: The depositions of 1915 were taken in the Luiseno language via a translator.

And since The Enrollment Committee had the responsibility according to tribal law to tell us specifically why the documents that were used to enroll us years ago was lacking in proving tribal membership we, for this and other reasons, were unlawfully disenrolled from our tribe in March 2006.

One of the statements against us was from former Pechanga chairman Vincent Ibanez who wrote a letter from prison, where he was finishing up a sentence for child molestation, in which he says, “I praise you for all your hard work and wish you all success in beating these imposters and all of the others too. I only wish I could be there to sense the real Pechangas coming forward.” Read more HERE

So not only did the Enrollment committee and the tribal council ignore the statements of credible Pechanga elders alive now such as Norman Pico Sr, Marie Russell, Benjamin and Paul Vasquez, among others, as well as the elders from the historical period of when the reservation was created, they also ignored their own hired expert, Dr. John Johnson, curator of the Museum Natural History in San Barbara, Ca who said that according to surviving documents we are who we say we are, Pechanga Indians.

So they believed people like Mr. Ibanez, who couldn’t be at Pechanga during our disenrollment proceedings because of the offenses he committed, which are specified below as taken directly from the Megan’s Law Website:

Vincent Belasco Ibanez

Offense Code Description

288(a) Lewd or Lascivious Acts With a Child Under 14 years

288.5 Continuous Sexual Abuse of Child

In addition to this, reportedly. while a member of the Enrollment Committee, Mr. Ibanez signed the enrollment cards and official date stamped letters welcoming Hunter family members to the tribe.

So if Mr. Ibanez never believed we the Hunters are Pechanga, then why would he sign cards and official documents saying that we are Pechanga and then turn around and say the opposite years later? OP: Was he lying then, or lying now? What were his motivations, to get more young people on the reservation?

So was he lying when he gave a statement against our tribal membership or was he lying years earlier by signing cards and documents affirming that we are Pechanga?

Either way Vincent Ibanez is quite “a piece of work” and he is not a credible source of information. OP: What would drive an enrollment committee (Frances Miranda, Ihrene Scearse and the elder of the Masiel Crime Family, Ruth Masiel) to believe this type of individual versus one of the most respected authorities of Native American history. One the Pechanga Enrollment Committee HIRED to find the truth.

Dr. John R. Johnson:

"They ignored whatever I did in their decision-making," said John Johnson, who was hired by Pechanga to determine whether Paulina Hunter was one of the tribe's ancestors. "It's too bad economics and politics have been injected into (tribal lineage rulings)."

Johnson has worked as curator of anthropology at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History since 1986. He earned his doctorate in anthropology at UC Santa Barbara and teaches a course called "California Indians" at the campus.

For more than three decades, he has worked on detailed studies and recordings of California Indians' archaeology, archival records, cultures and history. OP: Dr. Johnson works with Las Padrones, the HISTORICAL records of the Spanish missionaries begun before Abraham Lincoln was BORN.

Who had a GREATER incentive to LIE? Vince Ibanez or Dr. John R. Johnson? The child molestor or the educator? Can the city council of Temecula answer that?

The Pechanga Tribal Council had the responsibility to instruct the enrollment committee that hearsay evidence was not allowed, especially since all evidence from Hunters and Miranda family had to be certified.

That's what happens when the Pechanga Council allowed no attorneys, no writing implements and limited appeals to groups, not individuals.


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Anonymous said...

Malicious evil behaviors and motives will continue to breed malicious evil behaviors until they are stopped. The criminal minds at work today in the tribal council can easily be tracked to their evil origins.
It is so sad no one in the tribe is strong enough to position themselves for truth. The tribe could without doubt serve as leaders in a National reform for Indian justice in American if they would take it upon themselves to simply reverse the evil done.
Greed grips their hearts so tightly that they, like other self-indulgent tribes, will continue until they are shamefully brought down by the predominately white man’s government; once again having to step in to put the dumb Indians in their place, not because they care, but simply because justice will demand it.
Malicious evil behaviors and motives will continue to breed malicious evil behaviors until they are stopped.

Anonymous said...

It is entirely true, the following people signed my welcome to the tribe letter that was approved by the enrollment committee with an official date stamp showing when I was enrolled but then years later voted against my membership while on the disenrollment committee and/or submitted statements against my membership:

Vincent Ibanez
Francis Miranda
Raymond Basquez
Ruth Masiel

And Vincent Ibanez signed my enrollment card.

Why did they believe the evidence supporting my tribal membership years ago but then change their minds years later?

Elder of Temecula Band of Luiseno Mission Indians, Pechanga Reservation.

Anonymous said...

What motive would they have to enroll people?

Then, what motives to disgrace themselves by disenrolling real Pechanga/Temecula people.

Anonymous said...

Macarro and the whole tribal council and Jenny and her family have brought shame to our Tribe.They are theives and liars and need to be sent to jail along with the lawyers and accountants that have made their crimes possible.

'aamokat said...

"Why did they believe the evidence supporting my tribal membership years ago but then change their minds years later?

Elder of Temecula Band of Luiseno Mission Indians, Pechanga Reservation."

This is proof that some of the very same people who approved Hunter family members that were enrolled during open enrollment before 1996 then conspired to get us disenrolled in 2006.

Hum, what changed?

Can we say it was because the tribe got the casino?

They say that our disenrollement was to correct errors in the enrollment rolls and that it wasn't about the money.

But like I said, was Vince Ibanez and company lying when they approved Hunter family members or were they lying when they said our family have never been recognized as tribal members?

I have seen my elder's original enrollment card and Vince did sign it as chairman of the enrollment committee.

So Vince, why did you sign it and then contradict yourself with your letter from prison just prior to our disenrollment?

Anonymous said...

Why should people care whether or not the Pechanga tribe is in bed with a child molester?

Is it safe to bring children to the reservation? What type of access does Ibanez have? Are there restriction to his movements?

'aamokat said...

In addition to Vince Ibanez, Ronald Rivera is a tribal member who is a registered sex offender profiled on the Megan's Law Website.

Rivera is also part of the CPP and he signed statements against our tribal membership.

So how credible were the witnesses against us?

But most shocking of all is the fact that Rivera works for the tribal rangers, the internal security of the Pechanga reservation.

How safe does that make you feel?

Anonymous said...

When California let the Indians have the Casinos it was supposed o be for the betterment of the Indian tribes in general...not so a few tribal members could get enough per capita to buy their huge motor homes and 80,000 dollar BMW's and Mercedes....what a joke it is....its time for California to reverse the compacts and open gambling to all...we had a vote before,,,why not again...think about how much money Pechanga would spend to defeat that!!...

Anonymous said...

What I am getting from all of this is that the Temecula Tribe has been stolen by an organized group of people by desing of criminal intent. So, Organized Crime... Right?

'aamokat said...

One thing about our positions, we back them up with facts such as the Meagan's law website, which anyone can go to and look up the profiles for Vince Ibanez and Ronald Rivera.

They are registered sex offenders and there is no disputing that.

On the other hand, the hearsay so called evidence that was presented against us in our disenrollment case consisted of people, in addition to Mr. Ibanez's statement, such as Raymond Basquez who himself has questionable ties to the original Temecula Pechanga people and whose statment consisted of a list of tribal elders no longer alive who alledgedly said that we the Hunters are not Pechanga.

So it was just the word of Mr. Basquez that elders from previous genrerations said we aren't Pechanga without any colloborating evidence whatsoever.

What is absurd about Mr. Basquez's statement is that one of the elders he quoted, Salida Stevenson, actually gave testimony in some of Paulina Hunter's children's probate in 1937 for their shares of the Hunter family allotment!

So all of the so called evidence that was used against us can be refuted by other more credible evidence by other current tribal elders, elders from the historical period of the late 1800s, as well as Dr. Johnson, the tribe's own hired expert.

By the way Mr. Basquez is the brother of Irene Scearce and Ruth Masiel, who on the enrollment commiuttee voted to kick us out of the tribe.

As I have said before, this is a violation of Article V of the Band's constitution forbidding malice or predjudice against individual tribal members so if allowing close relatives of a key prosecution witness such as Mr. Basquez to vote on our disenrollment case doesn't violate this provision of the tribal constitution, I don't know what does violate it!

Anonymous said...

Is the the same Raymond Basquez who's son is a criminal?

He's related to the Masiel Crime Family correct?

Drug addicts, wife beaters, violent offenders?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Raymond Basquez Sr is the father of Raymond Basquez Jr and he is the brother of Ruth Masiel.

Drug addicts, wife beaters, violent offenders, and sexual predator Ronald Rivera as well.

A not so proud heritage.

'aamokat said...

I would ask Mr. Basquez the same thing I would ask Mr. Ibanez, not that I would ever talk to Ibanez at all.

Mr. Basquez, if you really believed we never really were Pechanga Indians, then why would you sign while on the enrollment committee an official date stamped approval letter welcoming a Hunter family member to the tribe years ago but then submit a statement against our membership years later?

So were you lying when you gave your approval to our membership or were you lying when you stateted we have never been recognized as being Pechanga?

They say it isn't about the money but it seems that before the casino the tribe wanted numbers for more federal funding and after the casino they wanted more money for themselves.

One more thing, Chairman Mark Macarro recently said regarding the ninth circuit court of appeals turning down a lawsuit by some of our family members that the rule of law prevailed.

But does anything we have posted about the gross unfairness of the travesty of justice that occured when we were disenrolled in any way shape or form resemble the rule of law?

Can we say Kangaroo court?

Luiseno said...

But does anything we have posted about the gross unfairness of the travesty of justice that occured when we were disenrolled in any way shape or form resemble the rule of law?

Can we say Kangaroo court?

To parrot one of the enrollment committee statements (a person who would sit in judgement of our appeal) to a Hunter member, "you are going to be disenrolled NO MATTER WHAT EVIDENCE YOU PROVIDE!"

So to answer your question. Yes, I can say Kangaroo court.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried to approach Colleen Williams again on Channel 4?(NBC)..she did a good piece before, maybe she would do a follow up???

Anonymous said...

yes last nite I emailed the tip line about stolen allottments and banishment

Luiseno said...

Wasn't this the same convicted, child molestor that the Tribe Honored by featuring him in one of there commercials a while back?

Pechanga Member 1130 said...

Vince Ibanez brings dishonor to the Temecula Indians, but the Masiel Crime family shows him respect.

Anonymous said...

This is a great article, really breaks it down as to how it really is at Pechanga. Can we agree Tribal Disenrollments are created by hate and greed?

Puulanaish said...

just getting to read all this mush about the hunter disenrollment, quite a few stories all sound like dime store novels. I would respond to some charges: my letter from prison serving time for child molestation(as you put it)only said that in 1956 the hunter family was forbidden by the members of Pechanga to take part in any meetings, or comity(lookitup)the res. was closed to them except for ingress and egress to their home only, as is for the expert he was hired to only provide information, not to determine membership all his information was academic ours was oral. ed hunter himself said the family was from san Gabriel mission, Emily (hunter) judkins also wrote to the b.i.a. for instructions on how to enroll in Pechanga so if you are real Pechanga why would you say or do these things? also at his 100th birthday dinner at the tribal hall Antonio Ashman denied the hunter family from attending, why? as you see in 1956 I denied the hunter family as members, you forgot to mention that I signed you membership card UNDER PROTEST. long before the casino, or per capita. paublo apis was from san luisrey mission sent to Temecula to spy for the Spanish, that's how he got the 2800ac.little Temecula. I don't want to be like you talking dirt but is being named a child molester as bad as having a hunter on the p.d.c. letting his wife sleep with a council member to keep his job and his daughters go wrong enough said if you want more call me you know where i'm at Vincent(the pervert)Ibanez sr. said that. boy what a sad life you have, laughing at you!!!

Anonymous said...

Whats even worst, is you taking the time to come here and trying to justify corrupt actions that have taken place, and trying to justify it by smearing lies and deceit rather than asking to see the truth, plain and simple.
Hunters are Luiseno, Temecula Indians and will share the information to anyone, anywhere and anytime.