Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Keith Olbermann Speaks Out on Sioux Tribe Relief Effort

In what may be a shock to many, Keith Olbermann is not always a dumbass. Here, in a lucid moment, he speaks out on behalf of the Cheyenne River Sioux


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a really dumb-azz comment regarding Keith O. being a dumb azz. We finally get someone to recognize n this is what they get!!! C'mon, who's to take this site seriously with that type of political contradictory statement. Pah-leeze, be careful with your verbiage. Bring Pachanga down if you must but don't bring down the whole nations.

OPechanga said...

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then.

Keith is a dumbass, but he's speaking out on the right issue here.

If I've offended Keith, let me apologize:

Keith, I'm sorry you are a dumbass.

Anonymous said...

If the Manuela Mirandas, The Hunter Clan and the moratorium people would have fought for themselves as loudly as Keith does for his points of view,
you might still be in the tribe.

You were weak and deserve what you got.

'aamokat said...

I have no opinion on Keith Olbermann so I won't comment one way or the other about his intelligence or lack of it but if you think that trying to abide by tribal law is weak, then I guess we are weak.

But the rule of law will prevail and maybe, just maybe we are still fighting and some things are in works.

creeper said...

Yes, it is amazing that Keith Olberman actually said something
meaningful and I applaud him for that.
It is also amazing how the US Government
and the Hollywood crowd bent over backwards to rush into Haiti to help, yes it was the humane thing to do, but who in that country will be held accountable for where this money will be spend.
The Regime there is one of the most corrupt ever. Bet your bottom dollar that most of that money will disapear.
Our own Regime here in the good old US of A knows about the desperate situation at the
Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation
right here in our country and yet
they choose to ignore it. Political whores have no shame.

Luiseno said...

"If the Manuela Mirandas, The Hunter Clan and the moratorium people would have fought for themselves as loudly as Keith does for his points of view,
you might still be in the tribe.

You were weak and deserve what you got."

What makes you think we didn't fight, in fact we haven't given up the fight. It still go's on.

Fighting is what got us disenrolled, fighting for YOU ! We were fighting the enrollment committee and there illegal actions of keeping people in the moratorium.

So if our actions of fighting for your rights was week, then I guess so be it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if all of the disenrolled are right wing affiliated as O Pechanga appears to be. I wonder if O Pechanga would also describe Glen Beck, Rush, & OReilly as dumb Azzes too, what with their far right rants. I just wonder if all the disenrolled have that same mind set, if so maybe it is all about the money for them, never mind the Native Ameircan causes that the Republicans never seem to endorse, with the Exception of Richard Nixon, oops, I forgot he was sorta persuaded to acknowledge our causes due to a little ol uprising called Wounded Knee, my bad. Let's hear it for the WASPS O Pechanga!!!

Anonymous said...

If there is a dumbazz on this blog, it isn't Mr. Olbermann. He did much more than "comment" on the desperate conditions at Cheyenne River. He raised over a quarter of a million dollars in donations over three nights of bringing attention to their situation.

White Buffalo said...

As a person who has been subject to criticism, it is unfortunate to see such harshness toward someone who has helped Indians in need. From what I see of the man he usually backs up what he says with facts.. I will not get into a pissing mach with anyone over politics for I know that both republicans and democrats have more self-interest than interest for their constituents'. What really gals me is the wanna be phony rich republicans who are just as affected by bad policy and unsupported claims on both sides of the aisle so whether you like little fat Rush and his stupid cigar or Keith with his liberal mindset makes no difference to me, but what have you done for your brother. If you have done something was it a real sacrifice or something that makes you feel good when you tell someone how giving. Opps I probably pissed someone off well when you see me say something but say it to my face. Hey Potato stay away from those unsafe web sites you can't hide forever

dark angel said...

Anonymous said...
If the Manuela Mirandas, The Hunter Clan and the moratorium people would have fought for themselves as loudly as Keith does for his points of view,
you might still be in the tribe.

You were weak and deserve what you got.


Allen L. Lee said...

"...In the mid-1990s, as many as one million North Koreans died in one of the worst famines of the twentieth century. The socialist food distribution system collapsed primarily because of a misguided push for self-reliance, but was compounded by the regime's failure to formulate a quick response-including the blocking of desperately needed humanitarian relief...."

One of the few times when I thought it appropriate to ignore sovereignty and deliver the food by force. There are still those who try to compare 911 to Katrina, Rwandan ethnic cleansing to Serbian ethnic cleansing and now Haiti to the Sioux disaster. The underlying theme is one of race-baiting. It does no one any good to incite anger against those in need.. It’s akin to blaming the victim for getting victimized. We can still help the Sioux without the race baiting tactics. I never concerned myself with whether their were Black people in North Korea or Serbia in need of humanitarian assistance. Just do what is right when it comes to humane acts.
Yep, both right and left wingers do it. O.P may have a point.

Anonymous said...

O Pechanga:

Can the partisan political bloviating. Attacking other people’s political or religious beliefs does not make many friends. Angry political rants are ineffective and a distraction and belong on other sites. Stick to tribal matters and post your political insights elsewhere.

OPechanga said...

Thank you anonymous 7:17. But this is MY blog and I'll write what I want. Keith Olbermann isn't my friend.

You can move on somewhere else if you like, or you can stay and read what interests you. Send your advice to Keith

Anonymous said...

Keith Olberman has and will continue to do the right thing for Native Americans - Right On Keith! At least someone acknowledges us. And, although we may not always side with his politics, we are grateful to be helped, voiced about, and supported by Mr. O! I'm sure the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation is proud to call him friend. If he helps my brothers and sisters, he has helped me.

Allen L. Lee said...

I listened to the comment again, and again I say it was a race- baiting comment. 150,000 thousand corpses bulldozed into mass trenches doesn't quite compare to downed telephone poles and shoes.
Focus on what has happened, an ice storm and an earthquake, rather than who it has happened to without the race baiting. It will be a grim day for both of us anonymous if I have to make the decision that you are not a relative, brother or sister, because you are Native American. Don't make it an "us or them" issue.
I know there is a penchant for -anti-Black among the Sioux, Tim Giago and the Buffalo Soldier haters not withstanding. I won't make my decision to advocate for people in need who are Sioux based on how those people feel about me.
The shoes won't care and neither will the telephone poles.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I am Native American and I stand behind my people, always and forever! All races feel the same, it doesn't mean we do not extend a helping hand when needed, it doesn't mean we have to hate each other, it just means that we understand our own cultures, struggles, and efforts moreso.Race Baiting belongs exclusively to the haters, racists, etc. not the do-gooders. Sometimes you have to embellish a little to get something done, the causes far outweigh doing nothing and saying in a monotone, "the cheyenne river sioux are being flooded, they need help"...Hah, see how far that'll get ya. There is a penchant for anti-almost anything in all cultures, get over it.

Allen L. Lee said...

Anonymous said:
" I stand behind my people, always and forever! All races feel the same"
A good example of how effective race-baiting an issue can be. You even admit that it was necessary in order to get the desired response. Olberman did his job well.
As for me, I've been "over it" for quite a while now.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it? What is all of this race baiting stuff. Oberman helped to raise some money to help people that needed help. Is that somehow wrong?

Anonymous said...

I think it bodes well for Olbermann and the world when you compare the crises.

One where a quarter million died to one where, as Olbermann says "DOZENS" are stil without power. Haiti still has millions without power.

Yet still, politicians could care less. They hide their heads in the sand at what is happening to Indian people by Indian people.

85% unemployment is horrible, and it's good that Olbermann brings this out front, as other sites, such as ndnnews.com has for many years.

Allen L. Lee said...

Well we'll see how much everybody likes Keith Olberman when he writes "Two Centuries of Dishonor Since 1776," which leads to the Olberman Act, resulting in alloting the Cheyenne Sioux Reservation so that tribal members can grow bio-fuels and build wind turbines to sell energy. The act will end the tribes isolation by assimilating them into the state of South Dakota and terminating the tribe, because as he said, "This is America."
The Act will also solve the 85% unemployment rate by relocating all unemployed Cheyenne River Sioux to St Paul, MN., just 400+ miles away, where they can get American jobs and be more American.

"...“The Tribe is working hard to bring families in, out of the cold and into shelters. The South Dakota National Guard, The State╩╝s Department of Public Safety as well as the Army Corps of Engineers have come to the reservation and supplied some emergency generators. The Tribe would especially like to thank Wal-Mart for providing emergency food and supplies, and the Navajo Nation for sending up a tribal utility crew to help with the downed electrical lines.”

As of Feb. 9, the reservation only received $8,000 in donations and power was still down.

…It wasn’t until the issue was highlighted on “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” that donations started coming in. Within 48 hours, more than $250,000

What happened to your multibillion dollar Casino brothers and sisters?
And the big White House Nations conference a few month ago that completely bypassed dis-enrolled tribal members, and the NCAI sovereign unity?
Over 250,000 $ That some kind of joke? Pechanga and the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma spend that much lining pockets to keep rightful members out of the tribe. Their still your brothers and sisters though.
Nothing wrong with Keith Olberman trying to do the right thing. In the 80's feminist would often recite the fact that Black males got the right to vote before women. While true, it completely mis-represented the collapse of Reconstruction, Jim Crow, Lynchings , land theft as a result of race banishments from towns that wanted to be all-White, voter restrictions through literacy tests and grandfather clauses, etc.
Feminists were doing the right thing but misrepresenting the plights of others in order to do it. Their presentation was that everything was fine for Black males after they got to vote, not true. I have a problem with mis-representing the plights of others (Haiti) in order to achieve a right goal.

Anonymous said...

That clears it up Mr Lee. If someone you don’t like says something that makes sense, it is race bating, or some sort of nefarious trickery. If someone you like says something stupid, that is just a failure to communicate.

Allen L. Lee said...

Never said I didn't like Keith Olberman or the 80's feminists.
Don't like the race baiting tactic and they just need to get their messages across with-out it.
The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma conveniently blames Black Cherokee Freedmen for accepting allotmenst and thereby destroying the Cherokee Nation, Dawes and Curtis had nothing to do with it.
I can already see people blaming the Haitians for the Cheyenne Sioux not getting the help they need. That's race baiting.
I wonder where Keith olberman got his race-baiting prompts from?:

"And, to USA Today’s credit, it’s as hard on itself as it is on everyone else:

No photos or video of sweet suffering faces. No popular vacation landscape for a backdrop. No personal connective ties. Are those the reasons the natural disaster in the Great Plains has gone below our philanthropy radar?

How many of us knew anything about the massive winter storms that have left the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation without power or water or heat for nearly two weeks? (Yes, I know many reading this are on the East Coast, like me, nervously wondering if today’s latest blizzard will knock out our power. But we have resources that tribal people with 80% unemployment in the remote plains simply don’t.)

USA TODAY carried a story nine days ago but, like most media focused on millions suffering in Haiti, we didn’t keep an eye on Native American who are still as freezing, isolated, and miserably unsafe now as then.

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann is now raising funds, here, for the effort, as is the Episcopal bishop of South Dakota, who’s set Valentine’s Day weekend as a prime fundraising time. Glad they’re both paying attention.

Gwen Florio"

Allen L. Lee said...

In other words, Stop looking for Black scapegoats.

'aamokat said...

Why can't people help both the people of the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation and the people of Haiti?

Just because one situtition is more severe than the other doesn't mean both groups don't need help.

You know I really don't care if Keith Olbermann says stupid things sometimes, if he does as I don't even watch his programs so I don't know about that, but if he is right about the Cheyanne Sioux situations, that is all that matters to me.

As far as someone painting us the disenrolled as believing politically one way or the other, we are a diverse group and even though on a lot of issues O.P. and I are in complete agreement, there may be from time to time issues I may not agree with him about.

I think this thread about Mr. Olbermann is largely much to do about nothing.

But as O.P. said, this is his blog and he can say what he wants.