Monday, March 29, 2010

George Lopez Supports Rights for Cuban Dissidents, Yet Performs at Pechanga, That Denies Human Rights to Their People.

It was good to see George Lopez out at Echo Park to support the rights of dissidents from Cuba, who the Castro Brothers have made life intolerable.

Human and Civil rights ARE important, G-LO and that's why we are surprised that you perform at Pechanga Resort and Casino. You MUST know, Mr. Lopez, the the Pechanga Band has stripped many of there members of both civil and human rights. We've sent letters asking you not to perform there.

Help those close to home, do not perform any more at Pechanga, and ask your friends to do the same. There are many other tribes that have done the same disgraceful thing to their people: Chukchansi Picayune, Redding, Robinson, San Pascual, Enterprise.

Violations of free speech, the right to pray at ancestor's graves, voting rights have been stripped, health care taken away, educational assistance.

This is where you can help and the weight of your celebrity can have an effect IMMEDIATELY. Speak out here for those in Indian Country that have been disenfranchised by their tribes. We need help too.

Johnny Mathis request and EmmyLou Harris request


Anonymous said...

I believe that George Lopez is standing by his friends in the Cuban community and that is a good thing.

But George, please stand by those who need it HERE too. Please stand up and be counted like Bill Cosby did at Chukchansi.

He responded with courage, quickly and forcefully to the Picayune Rancheria. He would not play their venue.

Anonymous said...

Yes but didnt Cosby also play at Pechanga??

Pechanga Member 1130 said...

George, stand up for Americans that have had their human rights taken away.

Don't be an enabler to tribes like Pechanga.