Monday, November 9, 2015

Is the Influence of Pechanga's Crime Family Waning? Leivas Descendants Seem to Be Losing Their Grip.

With word coming from the Pechanga Rez that Ronnie "I'm on Megan's List" Rivera has been fired from the Pechanga Tribal Rangers, it makes us wonder if the Francisca Leivas Descendants Crime Family is losing its influence on the Pechanga Tribal operations.

Tribal members have always wondered if Masiel-Basquez were TRUE PECHANGA PEOPLE?  and why did the tribal council allow them to skirt tribal laws, attain council status and thumb their noses at tribal authority?

It seems that Rivera was placed into a position where he could keep an eye ALL Pechanga members and reservation residents movements through his dispatch position.    Dispatch? Well, then one has to wonder why this Megan's Law felon was hanging around the reservation's school?  This asshat was one of the rangers that pulled Hunter descendants from the Pechanga Reservation School .   Then word comes that this guy mooned some people at the Pechanga RV resort, and was fired.   This is not the first time he was fired, but will it be his last?

With the recent death of the despicable Raymond Basquez Sr., his uncle, and his relative, Andrew Masiel Sr. no longer on the council, his cousin, Jennie Miranda kicked out of the reservation and only Ray Basquez Jr. running for a seat on the council...there may be nobody to help him.

Does Macarro want to risk his political capital..or rather, his WIFE's political aspirations (re Hillary Clinton advisor) on a guy like Rivera, or to support a felon on his council?   I'd think not, but then a hundred of us thought Macarro would do the right thing by the Hunters and Manuela Miranda descendants.

It's time for the Pechanga people to start standing up.  Get an accounting of what the council is doing...

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