Wednesday, November 11, 2015

BIA Secretary Washburn SUED: Pala Recognition FAILURES of TRUST RESPONSIBILITY

Many wonder HOW  some tribes get recognition, or get their recognition changed without have to go through the process that dozens of other tribes have to go through.  We've asked the question ourselves, with Pechanga suddenly getting their recognition changed from the original Temecula Band of Mission Indians.

NOW, AS-IA Kevin Washburn is being sued for the BIA's FAILURE of it's trust responsibility to the Agua Caliente Cupeno who are part of the PBMI.

56. In that 1979 list, the BIA listed only the “Pala Band of Luiseno Mission Indians, Pala Reservation, California” (emphasis added.)
57. As set forth above, the Agua Caliente Cupeño are a distinct tribe from the Pala Luiseno.
58. The BIA’s failure to include the Agua Caliente Cupeño on the list in 1979 was administrative error.


By approving the PBMI Constitution without any of the BIA’s recommended changes, and without any evidence that the BIA’s recommended changes were even presented to the PBMI General Council for a vote, the BIA abdicated and failed in its trust responsibility to the Indians of the PBMI—including the Agua Caliente Cupeño

See the complaint:


Anonymous said...

Mr. Washburn, you took on this position and according to your BIO you want to help all Native Americans, and you are supposed to be good and honest. Well then Mr. Washburn you are totally disregarding the welfare of thousands of Native Americans who are being disenrolled by their evil and extremely corrupt leaders, who cheat in every aspect of running the tribe. Robert Smith, Theresa Nieto, Dion Perez, Leroy Miranda, and Kilma Lattin collectively agreed on disenrolling legitimate members of the tribe because they were questioning the different things that were going on, all of which were against the Articles of Association and/or the law. You have been lied to by Amy Dutschke, Robert Eben, and Frances Muncy. Look into their finances and the way that Amy got 75 members of her family enrolled in a reservation which just so happen to get federal recognition approval and a Casino right around the same time, while other tribes were being ignored. Look at how Amy is friends with Robert and her niece is pretending to be the Lawyer for Pala, and the information these three send back and forth to eachother. Every step they make is either to slam down the rightful members they disenrolled, or to get more power for themselves by changing the rules or completely disregarding the rules, because you will not stop them and they know it.

Sandbox said...

The deception and corruption seem to never end. Shame on all of our elected officials for taking money from these corrupt tribes.

H. Caufield said...

The recognition by the B.I.A., like most other favorable outcomes are purchased. The United Band of Auburn Indians, for example, owner's of Thunder Valley Casino bought their recognition for a mere $400,000, paid for buy Stations Casinos.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

The Agua Caliente Tribe of Cupeno Indians is not part of PBMI. The ACC withdrew from PBMI by resolution on 9/14/14. The reason for the withdrawal was the failure of the Pala EC to protect the interests of the Cupeno members of the PBMI. The Pala EC disenfranchised a select group of Cupenos and created a division among the Band. Now Robert Smith is putting land that was purchased by the Band into trust for the Pala Luisenos.

All the Cupeno members of PBMI should watch closely the litigation that the ACC is bringing against the AS-IA. We hope to protect the interests of the Warner Ranch Evictees.


All this tribal corruption is making me very sick to my stomach.. And all them ignorant axxholes at the B.I.A. and especially Washington who call them selves " Natives for the people " better get there heads out there asses..."these issues on corruption are getting very deep and so serrous on all sides of the native nations. .."These idots up there in high places don't realize that there are at the "Peak of Igniting a " Native Civil War"...the Native nations are watching".. Listening ".. And there just awaiting for the right time to to take Action...If this corruption continues and things do not change..." The war drums are going to play...and All Natives from the Alaska's to the Mexitica...are not going to wait...for broken promises and fake peace treaties.... Rember our words.....San pasqual Indian tribe...spirit of pantho lion!.. Claudio ..toy Purina...front line. .along side Dragging Canoe Clan.

Littledove said...

Can California government reset all tribal benefits to bloodlines? I would rather have all gaming separate from tribes than be run out of my own cultural heritage by money hungry majority families.

Littledove said...

Can California government reset all tribal benefits to bloodlines? I would rather have all gaming separate from tribes than be run out of my own cultural heritage by money hungry majority families.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

The state and federal government contend that tribes are sovereign nations and have the right of self-determination and self-governance. Therefore they are reluctant to interfere with tribal affairs no matter how corrupt or illegitimate the tribe's actions. It is the right of the tribe to determine its own membership so the state cannot interfere.

The big problem is that the tribal leaders are viewed as the tribe. Individual members do not have a voice. Only through the governing body of the tribe can membership eligibility requirement be changed, and then these changes must be submitted to the BIA by resolution and signed by the elected officers of the tribe.

In actual practice this mean that only the elected officers can make changes to tribal law. That is why tribal members must be careful who they elect.

Melissa Hunter said...

The tribal council failed us, the BIA allowed them to do we leave it up to God and our ancestors... The truth will be revealed as it is now and all those involved with all this corruption need to be held accountable, as Im sure our ancestors will make sure of!! You can only bully people around for so long PBMI... Now that you have been exposed BIA and EC don't think many more pay offs can buy Ur way out now!! God be with us all!! Stay standing on His promise from the beginning �� Jeremiah 29:11-13