Sunday, November 15, 2015

Pechanga's Buffet of Corruption Served up RAW and Indigestible and Shameful

We aren't talking about the salad bar at Pechanga Resort & Casino. We aren't talking about HOW TO WIN at PECHANGA CASINO  We're talking about the abuses heaped on lineal descendants of Original Pechanga people by Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians Chairman Mark Macarro.

Here's what's on the Pechanga Buffet Menu of Corruption


The Pechanga General Council, the final arbiter of the LAW at Pechanga voted to END all disenrollment.  Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro IGNORED the will of the people and disenrolled the Hunter descendants.  Threats to the remaining tribal members kept them in line.

As discussed in this article, YES, Pechanga practices apartheid and NO we aren't comparing the level to South Africa, but if you don't call them on it, who is to say it won't get worse?.


NO, lifelong reservation residents, land owners and rightful Pechanga people are NOT allowed to use the reservation facilities, such as playgrounds, bathrooms, and water fountains.   And our children can't attend the tribal school.  IN FACT, Macarro's council had Rangers escort our children from school, and, like George Wallace standing in the doorway decades ago, won't let our kids attend. And he had the Rangers TRESPASS on private property to warn us about TRESPASSING!

Elder abuse

Just months after awarding our elder,  Lawrence Madariaga a Silver Feather award, the tribal council, deprived him of his rights and stripped his citizenship.  They wouldn't even allow him to honor his wife at the tribal hall.    Some thugs had threatened to have our ancestors dug up from the tribal cemetery.

Loss of tribal social services

Some 100 elders of the Hunter and Manuela Miranda clans are no longer able to attend functions for elders, health facilities.

Children had their Heritage STOLEN

200 children have lost the right to be connected to their heritage through their birthright, while children of Pechanga "members" who were adopted into the tribe, have all the benefits that should be for native Americans

Loss of Healthcare

Pechanga provided members and their families a "Cadillac"  health plan, with excellent insurance and low deductibles.  After disenrollment, hundreds became part of the State provided care, rather that what they deserved as rightful members.

Theft of Hundreds of Millions of Per Capita Dollars

Yes, over $500 million during more than a decade of disenrollment.  The tribe will tell you it's NOT about the money, but then, they'd also tell you that Hunters do not belong, even though their hired expert used Pechanga's OWN DOCUMENTS to prove we did. And there are still APIS descendants, of whom Manuel Miranda was also descended that are STILL in the tribe.


Vera Wilson said...
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Vera Wilson said...
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Vera Wilson said...
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Anonymous said...

Mark Macro does not practice the Indian way.

Anonymous said...

What's up with John Macro stealing $62 thousand from the tribe? Isn't that what Jenny and other Miranda's were disenfranchised for?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Vera, very thoughtful of you. However, we don't need magic, just justice.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vera , but I don't want my ex- wife back. Or any cheating woman.

H. Caufield said...

Shows one where this countries priorities lay when Tom Brady gets a federal court to hear his case about him cheating, yet corruption by by tribal governments continues unabated. "Tribal Sovereignty" is a license for lawlessness.

Anonymous said...

You would think after hundreds of years tribes would work for the better. The only thing illegal removal does is divide tribes. So much hatred bred by tribes and tribal members who think they can take take take. This is something they can take from one another.

Anonymous said...

The pechanga council could be all white and the DOJ would not care.

Anonymous said...

Not only think they can, they have done what invaders did. They forget our Ancestors already went down that road when the invaders came and took all away, then said ok your what's left over stay here and created reservations. Now we have the same actors doing the same thing from within the band. Take that story with you when you see the creator. It's ok because it wasn't me.

Anonymous said...

It's ok that we kick children out of reservation schools and back to public schools, my children deserve special services not yours. Take away health care for Elders because my Elders deserve more that yours. Take away others rights because my rights are worth more than ALL. Pechanga Band, is that the creators story or yours?

Anonymous said...

Someone should write this type of article for all tribes who harm their people....

Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that anyone anywhere would have to face a faction of people who can take their Ancestors history and flush it down the toilet. Then ask others to protect theirs? How in the history of our existence is it ok to take away from others and shun them? Per cap is one thing, dishonoring our people and our history and make children wonder why this is happening is unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Just like the Band faction and council members who have decided to not respect ALL Ancestors of Pechanga, I say pay it back Federal Government and say No to S. 1983 water settlement. This faction and council members do not want to honor All members rights, why should anyone honor theirs? We ALL share the water, also the reservation the water is settled on. We should ALL have rights and share the interest across the board. Per cap from casino, Land usage issues, Water rights issues, voting rights issues, same as ALL band members. Our Ancestors deserve to be recognized and their heirs, AHO!

Working for you, my people said...

How can anyone of you justify the wrongs that the Pala EC has done to your people? Why do you sit there and turn a blind eye to these actions. Why do you let the abuse of Tribal Elders continue? Is it really because of the money that you receive every month? Don't you realize that you should be getting twice as much as you are getting?
Take a look at all the Security Vehicles that were bought with your money that are just sitting. Pala doesn't even have enough security personal to put the vehicles into service, so they just sit. Take a real good look around at all the equipment that the EC has bought, all the tractors that we lease, paying thousands of dollars each month for them, why.
Do we need that much equipment just sitting around?
Also take a look at all the vinyl fencing that the EC has authorized to be done, why?
There is so much money being spent on things that have no benefit for the Pala people, and everyone is just there an not saying a damn thing about all that wasted money.
Take a look at the Tribes annual budget, it's enough to run a town like Fallbrook, or San Marcos, and yet no one votes to turn it down or to ask questions as to why the budget is so high. DON'T YOU CARE?
Where in the budget does it say what money comes in from the sources that the Tribe owns. What happened to other security vehicles that were traded in or sold by the EC, that money never makes it into the budget. Where is it? Where is the money that was set aside to buy the Warner Springs property? And yet no one ask any questions, as long as you get your check every month that the EC give you so you will not question them. That's really to bad for a Tribe as a whole, to be scared of the very people that you voted in office to take care of you and to be "HONEST" with the people. There is, coming soon an important issue that will need the Tribes backing as far as the EC is concerned. And this is not going to be a time for you to scared, it will be a time to rejoice and a time for all the Tribes membership to be able to look forward to and have very good life with no more corruption and no more lies from the EC.See you all at the main event.

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