Friday, April 29, 2011

Tribal Leader's Forum To Hold Event Where APARTHEID is Still Practiced

With an event looking to hightlight ways to get more cooperation from the US Government, it's tragic and shameful that the Tribal Leader’s Forum chooses to hold an even at the reservation (Pechanga Reservation) that leads in human and civil rights abuses in California's Indian Country.  One that practices APARTHEID on reservation lands.

From their newsletter:

Once again, tribal governments and Native communities find themselves in a volatile and unstable political environment.  Although tribal governments have made significant progress in advancing and protecting sovereign rights, they face a wide array of new and outstanding issues and challenges

We say:

Tribal governments find themselves in an unstable political environment because many have chosen not to uphold either their own constitutions, nor the will of their people.    Disenrollments, moratoriums and banishments have become the way.  Leaders lie to Congress to gain land.   They try to steal water from reservation allottees, so that casinos will benefit, while the land lies barren, in a plan so egregious, the the BIA has to stand up for allottees at the expense of tribal leaders.
Tribal governments face issues and challenges because some tribes, such as:  Pechanga, Picayune, Redding, Enterprise, Snoqualmie, Mooretown, San Pascual and the CHEROKEE cause politicians to have to think twice about what they are getting into business with some tribes.  If tribes like those above can cheat, defraud, and steal from their own people, can they be considered trustworthy?

Congratulations to Native American Leaders, who turn a blind eye to the abuses of Native Americans BY Native Americans.

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