Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is the Pechanga Resort & Casino Suffering from Customer Service Issues?

An alert from Trip Advisor came across my desk with the title: “DO NOT STAY AT THE PECHANGA - WORST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE EVER”

I followed the link and took a look at many of the comments and it seems customer service is a recurring theme.  Must be the reason why 34% rated the resort POOR or TERRIBLE.  Add in the average ratings and it's nearly 49% of customers that are underwhelmed.    How did it get a four-star rating?   Was it earned or paid for?   In comparison to Pechanga's 51% positive rating, nearby Pala scored a 62.3% positive rating and Barona Casino Resort was rated 63.7%.
A sampling of the comments:
Pechanga is NOT worth your money. If anything goes wrong with your stay expect NOTHING from Pechanga to make up for it! Bottom line!
The staff is not very plesant, but imagine being in a casino, where it is dark, isn't very fun.
Never again. Valet put a dent in my brand new car, then they lied about it and said the dent was 'already there' Bull. Anything to help the bottom line. Dishonest crooks!
Would I stay here again, probably not since I don't like casinos and some of the issues with the room. Ok/average stay all together.
STAY away on weekends!

This place is unprofessional and we won't be returning. Hope they go out of business.

The non smoking rooms had smoke filled air coming in through the vents. You could roll off the bed-it was so worn on the side. The food is awful. We always make small talk with the employees and none of the ones we spoke to liked working for Pechanga.

IT seems some work needs to be done at the casino.   Hope Pechanga revises it's customer service standards upwards.
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