Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pechanga Liar in Chief, Mark Macarro Testifies before Senate on S.2956

Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians Chairman Mark Macarro testified before the Senate today on S 2956, a water rights bill.

For those who did not get a chance to watch or listen to today's hearing on S. 2956, here is a brief update as to 2 of the key requests made by the Committtee to the Tribe:

1. Be prepared to answer written questions regarding the proposed settlement and submit answers to the Committee.

OP: Here are some questions!

WHY Did you lie to Congress when testifying on the Great Oak Property?

HOW many times have you lied to Congress?

WHY did you try to keep the citizens from California from voting on Prop. 94?

WHY do you need more water if you have FEWER citizens?

WHY should you be trusted with funds for Alottees that you have removed from the tribe?

HOW did the recognition for Temecula Indians get changed to Pechanga Indians?

WHY DO you think it's okay to violate the civil and human rights of your citizens?

DID you help eliminate historical, blood tribal members to benefit a crime family?

Why would the word of a child molestor mean more to you than your most vaunted Elder?

SINCE you cheated your own tribal members, won't you cheat the alottees too?

2. Contact the Governor (of California), as well as other agencies, and ask them to weigh in on the proposed settlement and its provisions.
3. Keep the Committee updated on negotiations with the Administration.

Along with the proposed water rights, the settlement will provide around $50 million for projects and money pay out to the Tribe.

The Committee has delayed taking any action S. 2956, so this provides an opportunity to develop our own questions about the settlement and to contact the Governor's office with concerns about the terms of the settlement.
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