Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Press Enterprise Says Salgado Arrest Hurts Soboba Tribes Image. Ya THINK?

As if the shootings/killings at Soboba weren't enough to ruin their image?

The Press Enterprise, which ALWAYS is happy to report Soboba transgressions on the front page, but RELUCTANT to criticize Pechanga at ALL, says the latest indictment/ARREST of Robert Salgado Jr hurts their image!

Ya THINK? Now, if Salgado will cheat the U.S. by not paying taxes on his BRIBERY, which he did over FIVE YEARS.... Do you NOT THINK he would LIE to the government about acquiring more LAND... for FREE?

What does it take to ruin Pechanga's image we ask?
1. Terminations of the family on whose property their casino sits on?
2. Keeping rightful members out via an unconstitutional moratorium?
3. Terminating a second family even AFTER their own hired expert PROVED they were Pechanga?
4. Lying to Congress to acquire SACRED land that they put a golf course on? How SACRED!
5. Not following tribal law
6. Taking the word of an imprisoned CHILD MOLESTER, while required notarized affadavits and certified copies from those terminated.
7. Stripping ELDERS Health Care.. MORE on MACARROCARE later
8. Violently removing CHILDREN from the tribal school.
9, Crimes like carjacking at Pechanga and general thuggery that closed Silk.

Thank you PE, for picking on the Sobobas and not covering Pechanga
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