Thursday, April 21, 2022

ABC NEWS REPORTS On Nooksack 306 Disenrollments and Evictions

 A good report from ABC News on the Nooksack 306 evictions from their Washington State tribe.  Our friend Michelle Roberts was given ample time to detail what the experience had meant to her and her family.  Santana Rabang did an outstanding job and did the elder Robert Rabang.  I have embedded it here, please watch.

Many of us contributed to the background of the disenrollment issue and it's important that this information got out to national media.  Please share so ABC news can understand how this affects Indian Country.,  Your views, show them many people are interested,.


WeRone said...

Thank you for sharing this post.

WeRone said...

don't think I will ever, EVER understand tribal disenrollment.... In my opinion, it is the cowards way of dealing with real issues. Corrupt councils are becoming all too popular. Whether or not a tribe receives a per capita or has a casino-it all comes down to greed, power, vengeance and hate! I could never raise my children to whole-heartedly HATE someone and their families so much that they thrive to be in a position to strip them of their heritage, culture-a piece of who they are.... No sane person would do that!

Please correct me if I'm wrong but traditional tribal councils would sit and discuss topics and issues that their tribe faces. They'd all be given the same documents, the same information and talk and DEAL with the issues at hand! Not everyone would agree, not everyone got along but at least there would be a discussion and a majority would rule based off the FACTS presented to them. In addition and most importantly, they KNEW the history of where their roots came from and how they came to be a tribe, they KNEW the religious practices of their members and SUPPORTED them with no questions! Communication and compromise is key to any relationship. And that is what is being lost in these newer councils.

The newer councils are being raised to seek vengeance on century/decades old (and even new) vendettas that their parents or ancestors couldn't do because it wasn't traditional in their era. It IS NOT traditional for REASON! New-aged councils are too lazy to do the work in learning the history of the tribe. There was a point in time that there were no documents, no papers to say where "you were from"... If someone needed help or friendship and a sense of belonging, you'd accept them as your own. And in return, you'd do something to show your appreciation for their work and efforts.

The Native way is to help each other, to teach each other, to learn each other, to protect and preserve what helps us ALL; the land, the water, the animals, the sun, the moon, the stars, the people and learning how to work together!! Appreciation of life and everyone and everything in this world.


Know your history, If your elders and ancestors didn't teach you then do everyone, including yourself, a favor and take the time and effort in LEARNING the history before stripping someone of their being!! If you don't like how something was done, why not ask questions? Why not try to come to an understanding? If there wasn't enough documentation at time of enrollment of your tribe, why not ask them for their history or papers and give a reasonable timeframe to do so?! Oh.... Because you're are afraid of being wrong? You're afraid of conversing with the people of the tribe and learning something?! You're afraid of looking like a fool? Well..... Your solution to disenroll makes you an ignorant coward.

Disenrollment is a bully mentality. You don't like something? Ehhhh, just disenroll them. They don't agree with everything you say? Ehh, just disenroll them. Don't like them? Ehhhh, just disenroll them....

Oh, you think you can disenroll because we are sovereign?! Because you're in a position of "power" and you think there's no repercussions? Because you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? NO!!!! I don't think so! Sovereignty was established to protect each other, not to be used to abuse each other!!! Disenrollment is absolutely sickening to me. Come on, people!!!! How is this way of thinking RIGHT?!? Bully, cowards, corrupt, evil.... Whatever word you want to use; It all comes down to one word: WRONG!!!!

Being a tribal leader means you lead with integrity and your respect is EARNED-NOT BOUGHT.

Disenrollment isn't just an act of vengeance and hate towards one person or family, it deletes each and everyone of us. With each generation, a piece of history is lost little by little and we can and NEED to change that!

Chief FireWalker said...


Damn near Russia #D.N.R. said...

We don’t use bombs and bullets here Mr. Putin we’re more civilized than that. When we want displace people and destroy their lives we simply use a pen and paper!!!

Anonymous said...

The U.S.Government cares more about what Russia is doing to the Ukraine people and ignoring the misdeeds happening in Indian country.
Why aren't the media covering the Indian people that are being killed off by the corrupt leaders of the disenrolling tribes.
The government is supplying weapons, money and support to the
Ukraine people while they turn a blind eye to the corruption in Indian country.
How about Biden, how about you support the Native "AMERICAN" people for a change.