Saturday, March 5, 2022

Genocidal China Calls What U.S. Did to Native Americans Genocide


Human Rights Abusing China
Calls out U.S. Again

China should know, as we've seen them doing this to Uighurs. And this century in Native America, it's the paper genocide BY Tribes via disenrollment  China said something similar in 2011  China Tells U.S. to Quit as Human Rights Judge

Native News Online has the story:

The Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C. has released a statement titled, “The American Genocide of the Indians—Historical Facts and Real Evidence,” in the “news” section of its website. The statement identifies the definition of “genocide” and goes on to state that, “According to international law and its domestic law, what the United States did to the Indians covers all the acts that define genocide and indisputably constitutes genocide.”

The article is a brief yet thorough overview of the American Indian experience since the time of the Declaration of Independence and the “slandering” of the American Indian with the phrase “Merciless Indian Savages.” It further explores vicious, genocidal atrocities committed against Native Americans by the U.S. government and white settlers, and cites numerous U.S.-based non-profits, news media, and thought leaders on the issue. 

Read the article linked above.

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Anonymous said...

China knows very well the crap this classic white nation did to our people. They also must of found out we came from the Asian man.