Saturday, March 19, 2022

Nooksack Evictions Resume As Attorney Gabe Galanda Detained For TRESPASS Civil Rights Don’t Matter


As Native American advocacy groups show depraved indifference to to octogenarians being thrown into the cold, and their homes stolen, noted attorney Gabriel Galanda was also left outside facin a warning for trespassing.

If what the corrupt Nooksack tribe was doing was just, wouldn’t it stand up to anything an attorney would have say?  Why is the Nooksack acting under cover?

As our Nooksack 306 friend Michelle Roberts reports 

I hear, "just show you paperwork, it is that simple” and "have your meeting with council" voiced over and over. I agree, it is simple and should be. But our fate lies in the hands of a jury (council), who already publicly voice to everyone that they will not stop at anything until we are gone. This takes the “simple” out of it. Council's actions speak louder than their words.

This council has publicly stated that we should be disenrolled. If this was truly an unbiased issue and not tainted with a personal agenda, then it would be simple. Instead, changes and actions continue to be done that modify our Nooksack Policy against us. Here is a small sample of what has been done so far:

•      The Constitution was amended, and granted this was by vote but there was no public meeting to discuss the pros and cons of this change. Instead, people were sent mailers and received phone calls TELLING them how to vote. That's biased propaganda.  They also state that it was our family that changed the last Constitution, but when you look at the numbers only 18 people voted against it. 

•      Ordinances have been changed or amended to target our family

•      Resolutions have been passed to change Court and Election Codes

•      They deem that Canadian Indian blood should not be recognized. Before the border, Nooksack spanned into what is now Canada. Not accepting Canadian blood is disrespecting our history.

•      The list goes on

In the first Tuesday of the month meeting Bob stated that he had 1800 members that support him and his decisions and that the changes were made by them – the 1800 supporters. With the absence of a public meeting over the last 2 and 1/2 years, there are holes in that statement. It is great that meetings have started up again, but so far nobody has been able to speak or be heard.

So, the advice that we should, "just have our meeting with council" is not simple. If they cannot talk to us at a public meeting, how will that play out in a 10 minute phone call. This 10 minute call will decide our fate and could strip us of our birthright to be enrolled. Again, this council and their families, have publicly lobbied to members that we do not belong before talking to us. They have proven, through their actions, that any proof will not be good enough. Statements like "we will not stop until we are done" is threatening and intimating. It does not give the sense of a fair determination. It does not give the sense of a fair trial. 

We have ample proof that was researched and acquired, not because we were doubting our history or because we did not know it, but because we were forced to as our files had been eroded. We've known all along, our grandmothers told us we belonged and shared many stories to support that fact. Grandma Libby spoke our language fluently and made beautiful traditional cedar baskets.  Any other paperwork we obtained was only because this council will not accept, and only discredits, historical documents. We were forced to reach out to scholars to prove in the colonial way that we belong, only in response to councils actions.

There is no doubt our bloodline is Nooksack and each and every Nooksack member has their own story on how they belong. I believe each of those stories should respected and honored not torn apart, discredited, and dragged through the mud.

IF this council succeeds in disenrolling our family, what door does that open in the future? This council will have set the precedence of disenrollment and nobody will be safe. Every member can be at risk, because future councils will be able to discredit any type of paper you bring forward. These people were our friends, and affirmed our relations at one point. So, relying on that as your safeguard, as your grounds for never being targeted, should be of concern to everyone. They have said we lied, altered, fabricated, and other words, to discredit our proof. So, "just show our paperwork" is not as simple as they say.  

Opening the door to disenrollment is not the way to go. Please stand in unity and put a stop to this injustice.


WeRone said...

Thank you for sharing. The use of sovereignty as a shield to strip others who live in sovereignty is horrible and is not traditional. The US government knew when they created reservations our rights were being stripped from our custom and traditions. Now to have bands practicing apartheid and stripping others within your band is sickening and not traditional anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Anti disenrolling is not anti sovereignty, it's the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Rabang isn't even a Native/Indigenous surname, it's Filipino and has Asian descent. If you look at the Rabangs pictures,they look more Asian/Filipino American.

I am aware of historic oral history and how many tribes can be included in others, for example...Kanza is Siouian/Pottawattami/Poncan/Pawnee/Osage with a D tribe. However proof of actual lineage is needed, to settle this, if Rabangs can't adequately provide proof then yes disenrollment is necessary as well as they have had 6 years to find housing as the Nooksack are abiding by HUD rules.

Rabangs are Filipino

WeRone said...

Members of the band are always members of the band unless a faction says We are more than you. I’m sure life is about saying I am more and this is mine NOW! I was taught to strip others so I could have more because that’s why we are ALL here. Sad 😢