Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Former Pechanga Attorney, John Macarro, Loses his Son. Rest in Peace Mikah

 Rest in Peace Mikah  May the Creator watch over you.

John Macarro, has lost his young son, short of his 20th birthday.

So few know the  pain of losing a child.  While the Macarro's John and Mark, have harmed so many of my family and others.  Nobody wishes for this to happen to any of our Pechanga brothers and sisters. The sins of the father shouldn't be laid upon the children

Pechanga Forever


WeRone said...

Thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

What did he die from ?

OPechanga said...

Mikah was MURDERED...his killers have been caught

Anonymous said...

All tribal politics aside, My prayers go out the Macarro Family at this time.

May the Creator watch over us all.