Saturday, February 13, 2021

Cherokee Freedmen Fought FOR DECADES For THIS to HAPPEN. The Call for Equality for All It's Citizens

From the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation... EQUALITY. 

From a tribe that worked SO HARD to keep the Freedmen from becoming citizens. #StopDisenrollment can have positive effects, if YOU continue to fight for YOUR RIGHTS to belong.

#Equality Cherokees must all be equal citizens under the law.  This means all Cherokee citizens, irrespective of descendancy, should enjoy all the rights and obligations of citizenship. Among these is the right to seek public office. 
Cherokee Nation is a stronger nation when all Cherokee citizens- those of Cherokee blood, those of Shawnee descent, those of Delaware descent and those of Freedmen descent- work together to build our Nation stronger. 
Together we have a shared history, rooted in Cherokee Nation’s sacred promises in the Treaty of 1866. Together we have a bright future. Cherokee Nation Attorney General Sara Hill filed a motion in the Nash case on February 8, 2021, that is consistent with these principles. I look forward to a ruling from the Cherokee Nation Supreme Court on her motion.


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