Monday, November 2, 2020

Tribal Leaders, Our Children Suffer From Lack of Belonging After Disenrollment

                                               Mark Macarro washes hands of responsibility 

                                              Image created by Pechanga descendant Sophia C. 

Children who were newborns when Pechanga disenrolled the first family in 2004 are now 16 year olds, no longer able to be part of the tribal community, that even adopted members children enjoy. Blood members stripped of their rightful place in the tribe.

Leaders bring their tribes together. Sadly, tribal strongmen like Mark Macarro, Robert Smith of Pala, Allan Lawson of San Pasqual don’t think a larger tribe is a good thing. Macarro still has a moratorium on membership, including his own cousin 

The Indian way means nothing to them.   The CASINO INDIAN WAY, IS ALL THEY KNOW.

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