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Saturday, November 21, 2020

President Elect Biden Chooses KEVIN WASHBURN to Head his Dept. of Interior Transition team

I know, let's choose the guy who was so ineffective in protecting the civil and human rights of over 11,000 Native Americans harmed by corrupt tribal leaders!!

Joe Biden Transition Team announcement

We've had some issues with former Secretary Washburn... read the links here

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell today announced that Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Kevin K. Washburn, after more than three years of leadership, will conclude his service to the Department and will return to the faculty of the University of New Mexico School of Law in January. Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Lawrence “Larry” Roberts will lead Indian Affairs for the remainder of the Obama Administration.


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Anonymous said...

Washburn is a gutless wishy washy joke. We need someone with real intention to change the BIA and end the corruption. Corruption is not tribal sovereignty and the wrong doers need to be prosecuted. Washburn just let them slide all the way in to wealth and happiness for one while the rest of the tribe continues to suffer.

Anonymous said...

Biden just kicked us in the nuts again by putting Washburn in there.