Saturday, May 16, 2020

TASIN Responds to Gavin Newsom's Plea to Keep Casinos Closed

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CA Governor Gavin Newsom wants tribes to rethink their opening up during this pandemic.  Tribes say: NO

Jacob Mejia says:

“For tribes, their gaming facilities are essential businesses, as they represent the only means of government revenues for healthcare, public safety, education and more,” said Jacob Mejia, a spokesman for the Tribal Alliance of Sovereign Indian Nations, which represents several Inland Empire casinos. “They are extensions of tribal government, not corporate entities driven by stock prices. It will be up to individual tribal governments to determine the appropriate time and controls under which to reopen.”

From Gavin Newsom's letter:

“I am not asking that tribal governments receive authorization from the state or local governments prior to moving forward with reopening or suggesting that tribal casinos remain closed indefinitely,” he wrote. “However, in the spirit of sovereign-to-sovereign engagement I respectfully request that until a surrounding or neighboring local jurisdiction has legally progressed into Stage 3, your tribal casinos remain closed.”

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