Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Support FEDERAL RECOGNITION for the NEWE TONGVA NATION. Gabrielino was erroneously omitted from the list of entities eligible to receive services


The Newe Tongva Nation, a band of Gabrielino Indians, led by Chairman Ronnie Fierro is seeking federal recognition, demanding in the California Southern District Court for federal recognition of the Tribe.

The Tribe is not requesting review under the acknowledgement process at 25 C.F.R. Part 83 because the Tribe was and continues to be federally recognized. Gabrielino was erroneously omitted from the list of entities eligible to receive services from the BIA brownshirts in error.

The Gabrielino were involved in Indian Claims Commission Act proceedings. The federal approval of attorney contracts for Gabrielino, however, in the context of Solicitor White’s comments regarding the recognized status of tribes that could have attorney contracts approved, provide further evidence of Gabrieleno’s recognition.

The Gabrielino has been recognized before, for this reason, the Gabrielino shall be federally recognized and placed on the List of Indian Entities Recognized and Eligible to Receive Services from the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs.

 The Recognition thru the State of California in 1994 have been insufficient to have a voice. Further, the process of federal recognition thru the Office of Federal Acknowledgement is broken, intrusive, unfair, less than transparent and subject to political influence.

 During the past couple years due to the lack of federal recognition, other nearby tribes have taken ownership of our sacred sites, sacred objects, human remains, and objects of cultural patrimony. We have been struggling to have a voice in our own lands and we are now demanding the Government to be recognized and have a voice.

The suit is being led by Attorney Todd White and Emilio Reyes, a Tongva descendant; genealogist and researcher and Founder of Stop Tribal Genocide, a movement dedicated to protect American Indian rights and the integrity of tribal culture, language, and identity.

 All funds collected will be used for legal fees and in the case that there might any funds left, those funds will be donated and be used for tribal purposes of the Newe Tongva. 

 If you’d like to support this cause , please donate, no amount is big or small, all support is truly appreciated. Thank you in advance and hope you can share this link.

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