Tuesday, May 29, 2018

RIPPING CHILDREN from their Parents is NOT a New Phenomenon. Native Children were STOLEN and FORCED to ATTEND BOARDING SCHOOLS

In the news is the stories of children of illegal immigrants being "RIPPED" from their families by Donald Trump.  Missing from those news stories is that his predecessor Barack Obama ripped thousands of children from their parents too.

Carlisle Boarding School

ALSO MISSING, never mentioned is that the U.S. has a sordid HISTORY of doing this, with its own Native people, taking Native children and putting them in boarding schools to erase their culture:

The government operated as many as 100 boarding schools for American Indians, both on and off reservations. Children were sometimes taken forcibly, by armed police.  

Pictures in today's media show children behind fencing, in makeshift pens, but nothing compares to;

In 1945, Bill Wright, a Pattwin Indian, was sent to the Stewart Indian School in Nevada. He was just 6 years old. Wright remembers matrons bathing him in kerosene and shaving his head. Students at federal boarding schools were forbidden to express their culture — everything from wearing long hair to speaking even a single Indian word.   

When will THE STORIES of Native Children's abuse be told.

The BIA [Bureau of Indian Affairs] education budget was found to be greatly inadequate: Since most Indian children begin school with the environmental handicaps of rural poverty, cultural isolation, low level of parent education, and in many cases a non-English native language, equality of educational inputs requires greatly superior inschool resources of teachers, curriculum, facilities, and equipment to balance the inadequate preschool preparation of most Indian children. 

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