Monday, May 28, 2018

New Nooksack Chairman: 306 should QUIT fighting for THEIR RIGHTS, THEY Ain't GONNA GET THEM

Nooksack 306
compared to DOGS by new chairman

As far as I’m concerned, the battle with the 306 is now over,” said the Nooksack’s new chairman, speaking of the hundreds of people the tribe considers disenrolled. He now plans to get them to “move along,” even as they continue fighting and making startling allegations.

Ross Cline Sr., embezzler and felon, two weeks into his new role of Nooksack tribal chairman, knows things have been bad.

Council members stopped holding public meetings. The previous chairman was nowhere to be seen. And he could feel the tension as he walked around tribal neighborhoods east of Bellingham.

“You’re afraid to say hi. You don’t know who’s your enemy.”  (how about LOOKING IN THE FREAKING MIRROR, Mr. New Chairman, SAME as the OLD CHAIRMAN....

The reason for all this is the long-running fight in this tiny tribe of roughly 2,000 over whether some 300 members should be kicked out. The tribal government’s attempt to do so became a symbol of tribal disenrollment nationwide and unraveled in such a tumultuous and legally suspect way that federal and state authorities paused millions of dollars in funding.

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