Thursday, October 10, 2013

What Happens is Vegas Stays In Vegas, What Happens to YOU in Indian Casinos Doesn't Matter.

Attorney Christoper Dolan has a series in the San Francisco Examiner that discusses how YOU, the customer are not bringing your rights as an American onto tribal reservations where they wan't you to spend your hard earned dollars.

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO, is not only for China, Russia and N. Korea.  Remember the Pechanga Beating Victim Richard Swan?  When the guards beat you down, are you comfortable spending your money there?

It discusses a very unique, and in many instances unfair, application of the law applying to a group of businesses that routinely violates peoples’ legal rights with absolute immunity: American Indian tribes.
I want to make it clear, I am not opposed to self-determination, cultural preservation, Indian self-governance or even the right of the Indian Nations to take money from anyone willing to gamble it away. What I am against is using the concept of national sovereignty to deny people their basic rights to safety and fair treatment. Ironically, Native Americans, themselves the subject of genocide and centuries of state-sponsored discrimination and civil-rights abuse, exempt themselves from adhering to any legal protections against discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, etc.
There is a very dangerous and well-kept secret that lies behind the billion-dollar Indian gambling empire. What people don’t understand is that when you turn off the highway and pull into the parking lot of an Indian casino, you have left the state of California — and even the United States — and you have entered the land of a sovereign nation. Yep, that’s right, even though you are eating the same food, drinking the same booze, listening to the same music, using the same currency, working the same hours (if you are an employee), you are no longer protected by the laws of California or the United States.
As hard as it is to believe, even though you have not crossed through a traditional boarder, you have crossed into the twilight zone of tribal law. My hope is that those of you who travel to and spend your hard-earned money at Indian casinos understand that the risks you take are far greater than merely losing your paycheck — you lose many of your important rights.



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Holly has pretty lips !

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Sovereignty is not immunity to ethics.

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That is correct ! Public Interest Trumps Indian Sovereignty in Federal Court always.