Friday, July 5, 2013

Must-See Videos On Pala and Pechanga Disenrollments Added

WE have had requests to add the videos discussing both the Pala and the Pechanga disenrollments onto our sidebar.  Please take a look at them, and forward them via FB and TWITTER.

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Anonymous said...

On the first video with Macarro, he really does look like he's lying, or at least hiding something.

Amazing that he couldn't formulate a better response than that after years...

Anonymous said...

Very likely, the higher courts denied review of a tribal membership matter owing to the longstanding legal doctrine that tribes determine their own membership in their own forum. The credentials of the non-members did not suffice to establish a valid claim to Pechanga tribal membership. As a result, the Pechanga Enrollment Committee performed its duty under its delegated authority to remove the non-members from the Pechanga tribal roll. End of story. Yet, the non-members continue to air their plight in other forums, to no avail. Let us hope for their sake, the non-members accept their fate. Then, and only then, their bitterness, anger, and disappointment will subside. They will in turn disconnect themselves from negativity. When that day arrives, the non-members will enjoy the bright day and their life as ordinary Americans.

Anonymous said...

They may still walk the dirt roads, only not as Pechanga tribal members, because they do not come from Pechanga. So they got taken off the tribal roll. Plain and simple. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Such BS from the two above. It is all about the ECs getting more money, plain and simple. They look for a family that questions their actions and rob them of everything they have ever known. They act like it is no big deal, because they think they are better then the ones they disenrolled. The ECs are shaming the Indian and making people look at the Native American as greedy, non-caring, demoralizing, trouble causing, stuck up people. It is sad, and even sadder when one person can say that their won cousin, brother, uncle, aunt, does not belong. The day will come when those who shun others for the sake of greed will be punished for their actions, whether it is here in the physical world or in the after life, but it will come.

Anonymous said...

Don't make me say it for the lame people here,

Thats for the Pechanga member posting above,..

legal doctrine that tribes determine their own membership in their own forum

hahahaha,Did you get this out of a box of cracker jacks? hahahaha

White Buffalo said...

It is more than sad that family can turn its back and let family be treated so badly. It is corrupt and evil to have family side against you and purposefully help to cause you harm through disenrollment. Francis Miranda is/was my grandfathers first cousin by blood. She is related to Manuela Miranda by blood. The tribe has the nerve to say that a minor who was 12 years old cut her ties to Pechanga. Our claim is as strong as Francis and her family. Oh wait they are family remember. Where is the justice when some of the same family who are related by blood are removed from the rolls and others are not. We were told that we would be kicked out if we did not rubberstamp votes the way Jenny and Francis wanted. I guess people of integrity are not wanted in the tribe because we did piss them off, as well as scare them with the size of our voting block. The people of Pechanga have lost their way and souls.

Anonymous said...

The second comment sounds like a prepared corny by a tribal spokesman. Nobody is buying what your selling sorry nice try. Everybody knows the truth about whats going on in native country up and down California. Why have only Casino tribes dis-enrolled? Why now after decades of being enrolled? Why now after the casino opened? Mr/Mrs spokesman answer these questions or will your bosses on the EC's claim they don't have to under sovereignty?

Anonymous said...

Can a hunter please tell me what it says on your land paperwork (I have a Idea)?

Can OP post it on this blog signed by the president or please tell me the words on the letter?

Anonymous said...

Ordinary Americans?...what the hell are tribal members?
Super Americans?..what a joke...just look on your reservation....plenty of flash and still mostly trash, so get off your high horse....what about the families that are known non Pechanga that are still members? Why not kick them out also?...what tribe is Basquez really from?

Luiseno said...

"....because they do not come from Pechanga. So they got taken off the tribal roll"

fact that Paulina Hunter's father, Mateo Quasicac, was the only person listed as being born at "Pechanga" in census books from the time before the creation of the reservation.

Do not come from Pechanga? we have been there since before and during the creation of Pechanga. We have been on each and every Pechanga census roll as Pechanga members since the very creation of the reservation.

Anonymous said...

The corrupt council will say anything to try an make people believe what they did was right . The ones with at least half a brain are not buying it only the ingnorant people or the ones under the council's control. It's sad so many natives are so uneducated they blindly follow the corrupt tribal leaders thinking they give them their percap when it's the tribes money no matter who is on the council the money will continue. Force in new leaders and the percap will still come. It's not his money he is giving you it's your money "the tribes". Things will only change for the better. The tribe can be a good place for everyone again. There is more then enough to go
around the greed is ruining the tribe we all once knew. Mark who didn't even know he was native until later in life has no care for tribal ways only the business side of it.

Anonymous said...

Are you finished sucking ding dong "last poster"?

Your a loser "let us back in we don't care if you rape real temecula Indians ?

I wanna bitch slap you!

This is why the pechanga Disenrolled never did SHIT !

The last poster " First Nation people " look at these dirty whites !

Anonymous said...

4:03 pm
I don't get what your talking about your post doesn't make sense if its about the one above you or we just not getting it. What are you trying to say?

Anonymous said...

What a life, a grew up to be a crook ?
I grew up to be a fake Temecula Indian and rape others (Lol)
Or I grew up to rape my own blood,and forgive me god for being to weak.
The sunlight hits my face when I wake up in the morning and I thank god I have my (per capita check).

I thank god I can Rape my blood over and over and I have a check.

I am great god,those others need to go on with life as (Americans)!

Not everybody has the right or honor to Rape people.I take much pride and honor in the Rape of (Pechanga People )!

I am a living God or Godess of Pechanga !

May the Sun shine on you after I Rape You ,....The words of a Pechanga Member

Anonymous said...

The one who says he wants to bitch slap people is bitter that he never has gotten to be in the tribe because he is likely one of those stuck in the moratorium. Never mind that no one would even know about his plight if it wasn't for disenrolled like O.P. He blames us for the moratorium ironic that it is us who have done more to keep his issue alive then he ever has or ever will do.

Anonymous said...

Are you guys talking about my (boyfriend) who has been fighting in Federal court?

Alone ? First of all, Don't be a hater ! Second , Are you saying crying on a blog is the same as "fighting in front of a federal Judge" ?

Well I should say "one person " OP?

Because since you opened your mouth " No social media by anyone"?

No Twitter by Activists or anything "whats up" ? Pretty poor display of anything ?

And LAST fighting in " Federal Court" is keeping this alive (Sorry last poster) !

Anonymous said...

The Chukchansi troubles and the Pala corruption and disenrollment present an opportunity for all who have been wronged to get back in the game.

Pechanga's water rights bill is going to hurt allottees too.

San Pascual is still in turmoil. Nobody wants to step up and lead.....

Anonymous said...

No, I am not talking about WarPony who has done a lot for his own cause and has helped with ours as well. But another person who likely just complains and does little if anything himself.

Anonymous said...

But if it is WarPony, then I am sorry you are bitter and angry, it is understandable. But we didn't rape you as, really, if you were in and we were in your shoes, could you have done any more than we did to end the moratorium? I personally voted against it and some of us were attempting to get a petition started to end it when were disenrolled. Also, some of us officially stuck their necks out by pointing out to the committee and the council the wrongdoing of people ending up the moratorium who had their applications before the deadline and one of the reasons we were targeted for disenrollment is we didn't go along with the status quo to keep quiet and just get our checks.

Anonymous said...

Tribal insider (sorry cant say who) speaks out about Pala's finances or lack of. They basically said Pala's BROKE! Chairman Smith and Treasurer Nieto will not show tribal funds or other accounts besides the casino profits which are provided at monthly meetings. This is because they cannot allow the tribe to see how much is in these accounts because the tribes reserve account is empty and they take money from these interest bearing accounts. Also the rumor about the EC taking out a loan for Christmas bonuses last year is true. The tribe didn't have the money to give the minimum bonus that's why they didn't let the people vote on the bonus like they have been. My response the current EC is running Pala into the ground soon there will be nothing left we'll end up like Chukchansi. We as the general membership need to stand up and ask more questions, demand answers, the EC works for us.