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Monday, January 28, 2013

Rep. Raul Ruiz on Native Americans. Reminder, it's NOT just the Chiefs and Chairman Where US Govt. Responsibility Lies

New U.S. Representative Raul Ruiz was quoted in the Desert Sun:

Native Americans are the first Americans, and our tribes are an integral part of the fabric of who we are as a people,” Ruiz said in a statement to The Desert Sun. “They are also a significant part of the population in the Coachella Valley.

It is a top priority for me as a Member of Congress to be a voice for our tribes and provide them with the representation and respect they deserve.

I look forward to using my position on the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs to work with our local tribes and improve the quality of life for Native Americans in the 36th District and across the nation.”

Please Rep. Ruiz, you MUST bear in mind that the trust reponsibility of the U.S. Government to INDIANS isn't just to the chiefs and chairmen.  It's to ALL native Americans. 



Anonymous said...

Why is it that the tribes want to be sovereign and run their own Governments, yet the tax payers are supposed to support them?...isn't that why the voters approved gambling by the tribes?..self-reliance?...billions are being taken a sovereign nation...take all the money and finance your own the San Manuel members really need 100,000 a month each, or Pechanga 25,000 a month each?...spread the wealth among the tribes of all.

Burkey said...

I would rather support the tribes with my tax $$$ than these bloody, endless, useless wars that are causing so much harm across the globe, not to mention domestic spies, bullets for Homeland Security, and the Defense Department Welfare rolls.
You know what I'm talking about, all the people who make a living from creating technologies that kill. Lots of those around here in So Cal. Drones, anyone?

smokeybear said...

Let us "Hide and Watch" to see where his "Loyalties Lie?"...
..."Eagle Eyes."

White Buffalo said...

I expect that he is part of the establishment. His staff is going to be the same people who have gotten our letters and in all likelihood have ignored our message. I would be very surprised to see a proactive stance by this man when it comes to the information he receives. Remember his focus will be on tribes and tribal governance. We may be Indian but as we are unrecognized we do not have a voice because we have no power base, money for lobbing, or real public support. This does not mean that all is lost. It means that we must continue. We must try new things to become more visible. We must make it about our ancestor. We must expose the corruption where ever it hides from within the tribes to the places in the government that profit from the corruption.

'aamokat said...

So will Ruiz blindly fall in line behind aovereignty in favor of the corrupt tribal governments that ignore the sovereignty of their people like Pechanga government did when they allowed the Hunter fmaily to be disenrolled in 2006 despite the fact that the people had voted to outlaw disenrollment in 2005? The Pechanga constitution and bylaws states that the people are the final authority in all matters of government and business of the Band unless stated otherwise in the constitution and bylaws.

That constitution and bylaws says nothing about the government or a government committee, the enrollment committee, having that final authority, so the people did vote to stop all disenrollments including that of the Hunters. And to this day the tribal council is in violation of the Band's constitution and bylaws by still allowing the disenrollment of the Hunters to stand as they are bound to uphold and enforce the laws and ordianances of the Band.

White Buffalo said...

No one can know for sure. What he does in office is always related to US Government to Tribal Government relations that involve all of the duties related to congressional oversight and budgetary items relate to spending for recognized tribes. He will have to deal with many departments within the Department of the Interior like Land Management and Health and Human services, since there are agreements of service within recognized tribes. I am sure there are other executive agencies that are tied to Indian Issues.

What I am saying is we have a lot of competition to get our voice and agenda heard. It is possible but we do have to work together. We have to make trips to those offices he work in and become such a nuisance that he and others will start to listen. We have to get a broad network of support to show we are real. The ball is in our corner, so what is on your mind.

Anonymous said...

Tribes pay TAXES to the state & Feds.....we pay a lot! That's why you voted for tribal casinos because they create millions of dollars in jobs and taxes.